Britons Pay $4,500 for Being Shy


An average British household loses 2,873 ($4,630) every year as they tend to be reluctant to return unwanted or faulty goods or to complain about substandard service, according to a poll conducted by Moneysupermarket.


The poll involved over 2,500 consumers.  It revealed two thirds don’t complain about poor restaurant service, paying tips for their disappointment instead. One in three consumers never return purchases, even after buying something unwanted. Just one in ten people try to bargain the price down, while the rest pays the amount they are charged, even for something overpriced.

90 percent of those polled said they do so as to avoid bickering. 88 percent said the reason is their unwillingness to ask for a discount.  82 percent said they don’t want to appear stingy. 67 percent admitted they are too shy to complain, while 59 percent blamed it on the shortage of time.

Experts at Moneysupermarket claim British consumers could negotiate an average discount of 13.5 percent for two out of three purchases.

And what about you? How would you behave receiving bad service or buying something overpriced? Are you going to pay without a word of protest or get it your own way?

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