Certain Breast Implants Cause Cancer


In Britain, there has been an outbreak of anaplastic large-cell lymphoma. For a short time, doctors have counted 150 new cases. 90% of these cases are women who have received breast implants.


We are talking about the most common breast implants in the UK – textured shells. Although they are still not so popular in U.S., in England 30,000 patients per year, i.e. 99% of all women who decided to do breast augmentation, receive them. Anaplastic large cell lymphoma is immune system cancer in which the body ceases to recognize tumor cells. Obviously, the reason for this failure is the implants.

Its rough textured surface, as scientists claim, is an ideal breeding ground for cancer-provoking bacteria. Fortunately, most women with anaplastic large cell lymphoma fully recover after surgery. In some cases, they need chemotherapy and radiation; however, deaths have also been recorded.

According to scientists, this type of cancer is associated with a relatively common side effect from the use of textured implants – capsular contracture. These breast implants were first produced in the 1980s, but came into wide practice only in the 1990s. In countries where these implants are popular (such as Australia and the UK), there are significantly more cases of specific cancer types.