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Almost There is a new song by Alicia Keys. It appears on Empire Edition (Empire EP) released along with her fourth studio album, The Element of Freedom, on December 15, 2009. Empire Edition has six more songs recorded live. Describing the concept of her new album, Alicia Keys told the Billboard Magazine that the record has a “strong, edgy feel, but also intimate and vulnerable and delicate”. Actually, anybody listening to the album may find something that will relate to their personal experiences. Enjoy new Alicia Keyssong below and follow along Almost There lyrics.

Alicia Keys – Almost There Song Words

You know we are so close
See I can taste it
I know all our dreams
We can tasted
We’re almost there
C’mon say
C’mon say
Three, four

Just one more step
C’mon baby
Cause we’re all almost there

No matter how hard
The task may seem
Don’t give up our plans
Don’t give up our dreams
No broken bridges
Will turn us around
Cause what we’re searching for
Will soon be found

Cause we’re almost there
Just one more step
Just one more step
Don’t give up
We’re all almost there

Look at the lonely lovers
That didn’t make it
Life’s long hard climb
They just couldn’t take it
Don’t let it happen to me and you
Hold on together, darling
We’ll make it through

Darling, keep on reaching out for me
Keep on reaching, do it for me
Do it for me, do it baby

Cause we’re almost there
Just one more step
Don’t you dare, give up give up
Cause we’re almost there
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We’re so close
I can taste it
A life so sweet
Can’t afford to waste it
If you feel your hand
Slippin’ from mine?
Just hold on tighter now, darlin’
Keep on tryin’
Baby, do it for me, do it do it baby
Just one more step
Don’t give up
Just one more step
Baby baby, don’t give up
Keep on, keep on
Just one more step
Cause we’re almost there

Ah we’re almost there


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