Mental Beauty. Bus and Children


Bus for Mental BeautyThis time Geniusbeauty is publishing another brain game created for children. As it was in the previous one, adults often fail in solving it, while children give the correct answer in seconds.

Look at the picture. Where is the bus going to? Name the direction and explain, why you think so. You will find the solution in the next brain game (in a day or two). You are always welcome to ask questions about the task, in case something is not clear. But sorry, I will not answer leading questions.


  1. That is, of course, the back of the school bus. It is going into the the page (or screen, for the matter).

  2. I think the fact that we cannot see the door of the bus is an indication of which side of the bus we’re viewing, and also what is the front of the bus. Since we’re seeing the “Driver’s side” of the bus I think it’s going to the left.

  3. The bus is coming toward us. The boxes on the top are the flashing lights and the two circles are the headlights. This is what a child would notice if the lights were on.

  4. The bus is parked at school facing the left cuz the kids are getting out the door on the other side. If it were moving it would show the smoke or the “fast lines”…(I’m a second grade teacher 🙂

  5. The school bus is going to the right at it is going back to school, since school is about to let out.


  6. I think its to the right.

    After some thinking why I thought it should be to the right, I realized its because the side who has something interessant is the right side of the bus. It opens and we can enter it. And every time you saw a bus from its right, the forward movement of the bus is to the right side too! 😀

  7. Coming directly at us. Two circles at the bottom are headlights and the curvature of the top is how the bus graduates from the flat roof to the side walls.

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