Why Do Women Prefer Tall Men?


Do you want to feel more feminine? Scientists advise to look for a taller partner, next to whom a woman will have a better sense of security.


Men’s height is very important

American researchers from Rice University and the University of Texas found that women pay more attention to the height of a man next to her. This attention is far bigger than the one men pay to women’s height. Despite the desire to wear high-heeled shoes, women still want to be noticeably lower than men. This allows them to feel more feminine and protected.

Are we looking for partners who resemble us?

These findings were obtained when the researchers asked a large group of volunteers to first analyze various profiles on the dating site, and then answer the questions about what height a man should have. The popular theory that everybody is looking for a partner like themselves was not confirmed. In contrast, women wanted to look fragile next to the mighty and tall men.

When a woman is higher than a man

One of the study participants says she just feels uncomfortable when she has to look down into the eyes of lower men. But she really wishes she had the opportunity to wear high heels, remaining lower than men.

Men’s preferences regarding the height of a woman

In general, men prefer to be taller than women, but it is not a major requirement. For men, it is important that the difference in height should not cause any problems in sex.