Women Like Bad Guys


As often as not, women criticize narcissistic, egoistic, and insolent fellows. A study held by scientists from a university in New Mexico State, Las-Cruses city, showed, however, that women can not resist the brazens’ and egoists’ charms and are not looking for a real prince. This fact was confirmed by the study with over 200 student participants.


The tests were designed to determine, how well were the “bad” characteristics apparent in the people they observed: psychopathic impulsivity, passion for exciting experience along with hard-heartedness toward people, willingness to use others for ones own interests, self-admiration. In addition, the students answered questionnaires about their attitude toward sexual relationships and their own sex life; in particular they reported, how many partners they had and whether they mostly seek short-term relationships.

Insolent and egoistic men attract women easier.

The researchers discovered, that those fellows, who received the greatest number of points on the “bad triad” character scale, had the highest number of partners but were absolutely not a long-term relationship material. Their relationships were numerous and random. Those facts were proven in a number of other studies as well.

It seems like we, women, prefer men who treat us the least seriously. And what kind of men do you prefer?


  1. I personally am not attracted to men who are egoists, or rude, or have no respect for the law. There is something about “bad boys” that are attractive though. I think it’s the confidence they have, or the excitement…perhaps both. Also I think there’s something to the way they dress and act like they’re the greatest, haha. I like real men, who act tough even if they’re not really, someone who can protect me.

  2. I wish columnists would stop using titles like the one to this article in order to get an audience. It should read Dysfunctional women choose bad guys. The title as it is makes good guys feel insecure, right when the stupid jocks and machos are
    also trying to bolster themselves up by calling the good guys wimps and under a woman’s petticoats. Some women choose totally ineligible partners because they know they do not want to settle down and the guy being so inappropriate is a surety that the relationship will stay casual. Some women then get sucked into a bad relationship, because our religions and role models still tell us that true women can “save” bad men from themselves, and that is the essence of womenhood. Many women believe this, even subconsciously. I am considered a “hottie” and I love considerate, gentlemanly, nurturing men who are good communicators and know themselves. They’re out there and worth waiting for.
    Men and women who are too passive, or unconfident etc etc are more likely to get into dysfunctional relationship, so please stop making over-simple shock
    statements. Good guys, keep working on showing us and our kids a better model of masculinity than what we have out there now …

  3. sorry me again =]

    egotists and men who are just generally full of themselves are just fun to tease hahaha!…. it tickles me pink to see them think theyre just the best when theyre really quite the opposite.

  4. i prefer a man who respects me as a woman, a man who isnt searching for some ass and some sex in order to fulfill his lustful desires…. to me thats a complete turn off. i know it may sound a bit fairytale-ish… but i personally dont see anything wrong in genuinely wanting someone who is interested in me, and not my ass [not that theres much there, i am the skinnier asian]…. =]

  5. Bad men can attract women, sure. But…can they keep them? Eventually the facade crumbles and the frustrations of being with such a person overshadow the charm. In fact, the confidence becomes arrogance. The charm becomes flattery. And your face…well, exists from the neck down.

  6. I think that as women, we should not be so ignorant and blind to the fact that we are attracted to jerks, egoists and just selfish men. It’s something that we can work to change, so that we don’t keep hurting ourselves over guys that are out there to use women for their own interests. Or maybe we just wanna have fun with the bad ones. Being aware and choosing our destiny is key…

  7. this is how i see it . The good looking females are the ones attracted to bad guys. the fat ones will be more than willing to get with the good men. i live in a place where there is primarily white women but they only date black men with drama. never the good ones. and thats how they end up with a baby and being a single parent. the good looking women need to realize that when they are 50 and loosing their looks the good men are not gonna want them so they better get with the good ones while they can and stop making excuses for the bad ones

  8. Maybe someone should just take away their birth control and give their job to someone with some responsibility (male or female) until their narcissism fades a bit…

  9. Is true that there are womans whose like good guys, but the fact that some womens like bad guys is a important fact to bad guys that really dont care about how long will take the relationship,they just want to use the women anyway,there are no moral principle in this or the bad guy dont care about the opinion of moralist people

  10. Here’s a typical cycle. 1. A woman falls for a bad boy. 2. Sex 3. He treats her like a crap. 4. She complains about the relationship. 5. See #1. (maybe with a different bad boy). I would leave them alone.

  11. i don’t see the point of your article.

    so what? a mass of women out there like bad guys. okay.
    they’re hard to keep. okay.

    so that still doesn’t change the reality that good guys are the ones worth striving for in a long term relationship.

    so good job, your research was a huge waste of your time.

  12. It’s simple. A woman who has NEVER felt the fun of being with a guy, would want to start with someone that ‘smells’ of fun. The so-called bad boys reek of that.
    2ndly, a woman that’s been in the game with no intention whatsoever to ‘settle down’ would never want to be around the ‘nice guy’ that tells her to stop keeping late nights and quit smoking weed, but would rather be with the guy that gets drunk now, gets in a fight, walk out on her in the middle of a dinner and rip her pants off the next min..Good newsis there’s time for everythinge, and there’s always a wake up call(comes too late for too many).. But the bad news is, messing with a bad boy is like riding a bike…no matter how dangerous you feel it its, you’ld always waht to ride it one more time even when you own a porsche cayenne. Bottom line is, just like a good man, a good woman IS a good woman, irrespective of desires.

  13. Hi,! I´m new here, but in my case, a prefer a funny guy, but the problem with this, is that this kind of men are inmature, they aren´t thinking, just do do and do! it doesn´t matter who are around them or how appear in front to people.
    I don´t know, perhaps is good. but i suffer a lot. !
    I hate them Jaja… lie

  14. actually im one of those good guys an ill tell you what, those girls who like good guys need sendin my way, in fact i treat them so well i often get the line, lets just be m8s. its infuriating and you women need to make up your mind what you want an wear a sign!!!!!

    there is a website you can find by googleing brain kim why good guys cant get girls!!!
    because you dont want good guys even tho you say you do

    everyone always says ill be happy when…….. and no your not happy when at all,
    the truth is a hard pill to swallow so girls if you get a good lad then dont mess with his mind and do all you can to keep him, but most just mess good lads around and they end up like me lookin for an answer to my problem. well brian kim has given me one an thats start treatin women like they dont want to be treated, and im puttin that into action an ill bet ill be able to ‘pull’ whoever i like now!!!!!

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