What Qualities Are in Most Demand When We Think Relationship


Relationships are built on attraction, and don’t we all just love to be attracted to somebody? It’s delightful, but if we come to think of it, can we be sure that we understand wherein a person’s attraction lies? Some fall back on such obvious things as hair, beautiful eyes, long legs, shapely figures, others say they are completely at sea over what charms them in the person they consider attractive. Hardly anyone pins it down to personality. Meanwhile, personality plays an enormous role in being attractive, as revealed by research conducted at Monmouth University.

When various people, men, and women, were shown photos of people they didn’t know and asked who of them looked attractive and could become their friend or date, they mostly went for those who possessed positive personality. It goes to show that your personality traits are instrumental in how fetching you can come through and how your interpersonal chemistry with another person is going to evolve.

Therefore being a winsome person takes a little more than we are inclined to believe. What lessons can we learn from what researchers tell us?

Personality is the idea to zero in on as we fill out our social site/dating site profiles. Those who put much stock in physical appearance ought to bear in mind that these traits do not stand up to the passing of time well enough, whereas personality remains unscathed. Try and accentuate your personal traits to give others a better impression of yourself and appear smarter for that! This piece of advice goes for ladies especially since men are naturally apt to notice their physique first and foremost; seek to make a visitor to your profile interested in you for what you are and not for what you look like.

If you’re on the lookout for a partner in marriage, read up on the traits desirable for a potential spouse.

As we, upon the completion of the first date, hesitate about whether to see the person again because you are not sure whether you like them well enough, remember that the first time around we usually go by physical appearances. If your date is a really nice person good to have around, you may not grasp the fact immediately. See how your impression will be changing as you get to know them better.

Once again, if you aim for a time-proof long-term relationship, you will find that personality plays an even greater role in that – it gives grounds for friendship which cements romance. Your security in relationship hangs on personal traits much more than on facial features. You want to be compatible inside and feel happy about your partner’s nature.

Finally, it may mean that we do not exactly realize what kind of person we want to make our other important ones. There are enough people who are smart, amusing and excellent companions, but somehow when you are ready to get serious it won’t gel. That is a sign that you haven’t taken the other guy’s personality into consideration as you should have done.

So, learn to look deeper and see the whole person instead of only their outer features.