What Do Men Like Most about Female Body?


Popular science magazine Nature has published the results of study showing what part of female body looks most appealing to men. The group of American natural scientists headed by Michel Hopkins discovered that the most appealing thing about women’s body is their waist, and the smaller the waist, the better.


English poetry of XVI – XVII centuries celebrated nothing of female body but a small waistline. Devendra Singh form the University of Texas, Austin, claims that his research team examined more than a hundred of old poems and they mainly berhymed female waist. Poets just occasionally mentioned such female charms as breast and thighs. Long legs, tall height and small weight are all the standards of our times imposed on the society by high-fashion business and advertising. Obviously, famous fashion models such as Kate Moss or Gisele Bundchen haven’t got any waist.

In Ancient Egypt, from Victorian era and till the first issue of Playboy magazine was published, “sand-clock” like female figure had been highly praised or how they said in South Europe – “guitar”.

But the secret of plump body shape and small waists lies not only in eye appeal. Such form of female body tells about woman‘s health and fertility. It indicates small abdominal fat deposits and the high level of female sex hormone – estrogen.


  1. I am small not very tall been told that i have nice smile and pretty eyes

    I have largish breats too but i find it difficult to attract man whats my problem?

  2. I am women i have been told I have pretty eyes , nice hair ,pretty smile , largish boobs I find it difficult to attract man though

  3. My wife and some fellow workers were havng lunch ( brown bagging it) AND ONE OF THE GIRL SAID TO MY WIFE, lORRINA IS YOUR HUSBAND A BREAST MAN, A BUTT MAN OR A LEG MAN? mY WIFES ANSWER WAS , YES.

  4. First off, why is there such terrible grammer and spelling in many of the above posts? I’m hoping that it’s just a language barrier thing!!! Anyway, as a straight woman, I can honestly appreciate the beauty of other women and admit when another girl is “hot”. I can’t understand why the media portrays the “ideal beautiful woman” as being an anorexic,(generally caucasian) woman, with blue eyes and blonde hair. I feel, the more exotic a women is, the more alluring, mysterious, and appealing. As far as body parts, face would have to be #1. How can you be with a girl who you think is a butter-face??? (In other words, every about her is hot “but her face”). Unless she’s someone you only plan to “hit and quit”, then you better find a girl who’s face you adore, as that’s what you’ll be seeing each and every day!!! Full lips are sexy. And I think that women who have a curvy booty/hips with a smaller upper chest, look better than women who have a huge rack but zero booty. Something just doesn’t look right about that…imho. If a women has BOTH, then even better for the guy;) If personality was included in this article, then I’d have to say, from a female stand-point, if a dude looked hot as hell, but then had a boring, ugly, arrogant, unintelligent, and/or corny personality…then that would kill it for me and the appeal would fade. Is it the same for men too?

  5. probably and absolutely all parts of the woman body is for man, nothing less nothing more!!!!!!!!!!woman create for man

  6. For me it’ll goes like this>>
    1. Tall [ i find women most attractive when they’re tall ]
    2. Slim Waist [ this is a must.no men wants women with flabby waist ]
    3. Long Legs [ a pair of sexy long legs drive me crazy when i look at ’em ]
    4. Big Boobs [ finally,do i have to mention..!! : ) ]

    Hahaha..You know what i mean..

  7. about women which makes me crazy is that of their long and straighten hair, dimple on their cheeks, slim figure, their waist,and at last which makes me more crazy is their boobs..size of their body must be like.36-24-36

  8. Her face, breast, waist, legs. Also her eyes and lips.
    You know… be attractive.
    And don’t have a penis 😛

  9. As a girl who has nice eyes and smile, a slim waist and 5.5 feet I guess it is not a big deal ,not yet appreciated for that!!so maybe the personality is the matter!

  10. I find big curvy with pear shape, big butt, big thigh big leg big arms and breasts more attractive and appealing than the slimmer counterparts. So women, dont waste ur money to be slim…..

  11. For me it’s about the whole package. A woman can look great, but if she is an angry woman from inside…you’ll end up with nothing 😉

  12. BOOBS BIG BOOBS PLEASE. waist is very impo. as well but eyes what pulls me to her in the first place.

  13. Do men like athletic bodies? Super toned but not lumpy like a body builder’s? In the athletic world, if you have big breasts, it’s time to hit the gym, cause those things will slow you down, particularly in soccer like I play. People always say skinny women have no curves, but a lot of us still do. They’re just smaller. It has more to do with genetics, since obviously there are some bigger women without the ideal curves, not fat, just bigger than ‘athletic’. I still fall into the healthy weight range because of the weight of my muscles, and I do have body fat and curves. Like a petite Victoria’s secret model (they look fit, at least to me…). But do any guys actually find this attractive?

  14. I am latin and I come from south america.Over there latinos like girls with nice round buts.We like them bbecause it makes a womens body look nice,healthy wih figure.Some likeit because they like perreo.A dance that onvolves a womens body and a males very close.

  15. Wow, I am quite amazed by the number of men who seem to like big breasts. I was just beginning to accept my breasts a little more and believing that there are men who don’t care much about breast size or maybe even like small ones, but now I’m not so sure. I am 5′ 2 1/2″, roughly 33-25-36 and wear a 32B, so I have quite a small waist, but it would seem my breasts wouldn’t be good enough for most of the men who commented here. Having said that, I’ve never had any complaints and my little, round breasts have even received compliments!

  16. It’s purely a matter of taste. Seriously. Some men like curves, some like even bigger and softer women (plus size), some men even like bones…
    I personally am VERY much attracted to slim and hard bodied women with smaller hips and boobs definitely smaller than C cup. I don’t find anorectic women attractive, I’m talking about slender and FIT women here. Trained abs is a big turn on for me. 🙂 Soft curves, however, is a turn off…

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