What Does a Man Want From His Wife?


German psychologists have interviewed married men aged 25 to 50 years to learn what are the basic feminine qualities they consider necessary to ensure that a marriage is happy, – the Italian magazine Psicologia e Salute wrote.


The result was surprising: it turns out that in order not to become an abandoned spouse, a woman need to possess all the following three basic qualities:

being a good housewife: vast majority of men pointed at cooking skills and cleanliness in the home as essential condition for preservation of a marriage;

being a lady by the light of day and a whore by night: husbands appreciate when their women behave with dignity in public, but in the bedroom become loose and sexy not afraid of experimentation;

continually admiring her husband: all the men noted that they love compliments and need the approval of their wife no matter what they do.

Source of the image: Photl