Voice Attracts More Than Appearance


Forget about the appearance or character – the most attractive in a person is their voice, as the researchers have found out. Moreover, people whose voices sound alike, tend to get along better.


What Attracts Men in Women Most?

Scientists from the University of British Columbia in Canada found that people are attracted to each other not because of appearance or compatibility of characters, but because of a pleasant voice. This, of course, does not mean that a man with a bass is attracted to a woman with the same low voice. A person is attracted to another one because of a similar accent, intonation, and timbre.

Most Pleasant Voices

At the first stage of the research, scientists studied the peculiarities of masculine and feminine voices. For example, women talking with aspiration seem more attractive and young, and men speaking in short sentences and in a low voice attract women most of all. Subconsciously, a rough voice indicates a large body, a high and tender one – a little body.

The Accent Point

However, linguists from Canada suggested that people’s voice compatibility is a more complicated mechanism. They recorded voices of 30 volunteers, and then asked everyone to listen to other people’s records and distributed them in order of attractiveness. It turned out that men were attracted to women who talked the same as women in their region. Californian men liked girls with a Californian accent, the same among women.

Exotic Voices Are the Most Attractive

However, this was not only about familiar accents and tones (Californians did not like the residents of Chicago, and New York dwellers were not attracted to Southerners). If men and women heard some unknown exotic pleasant voices with a foreign accent and intonation, those were called the most attractive.