Size Does Matter


The study, conducted in the Australian city of Canberra by the staff of the national university, claims that the size of a man’s penis plays a role for a woman.


The scientists studied the size of a man’s penis and linked it to women’s preferences. The scientists have explained that the size clearly matters, while women are generally attracted to the large size. There seems to be nothing new. However, it turns out that not only the size of the penis matters.

The scientists invited a group of women volunteers. The ladies were shown different generated pictures of naked men. These men’s photos differed according to the three main criteria: the ratio of the hips and shoulders, the height, the size of the penis. The results showed the following tendency: women like tall men, having a high ratio of the shoulders and hips, and a long sexual organ. The needed size should be slightly bigger than the normal proportion: too large sizes were disregarded by the women. The scientists believe this feature of women’s behavior is explained by the years of evolution. The woman is initially focused on choosing a partner for reproduction according to purely visual criteria, trying to select a strong man, able to protect the family.