Sex Life Depends on the Bedroom Interior


Bedroom interior affects the events that take place in this room – first of all, our sex life.


This is indicated by the results of a survey, conducted in the UK. It involved 2000 people, whom the sociologists asked about the level of sexual activity and the prevailing colors of their bedroom.

It turned out that alcove passions occurred in red and violet bedrooms: the level of sexual activity in those couples, which decorated their bedrooms in this way, was equal to 3.18 and 3.49 times a week.

The inhabitants of blue and pink bedrooms have a calmer sex life: 3.02 and 3.14 times a week. The rate also includes bedrooms of other colors: black (2.99 times on average), blue (2.76), yellow (2.43), orange (2.36), brown (2.10) and white (2.02 times a week).

The most unfavorable sexual conditions are in beige, green, and gray bedrooms. According to the survey, the intimacy between the couples in such bedrooms occurs once or twice a week, no more.

In addition, there has been found a link between the type of bed linen and sex life: those having silk bed sheets are more active than those who sleep on cotton, and they, in turn, are more active than those who sleep on nylon and polyester.

So if you want more sex, change the interior of your bedroom, adding the purple shade, and buy silk bed sheets as well.