Ready to Move in with Your Partner? Here’s a Checklist for You


Moving in with your partner is a huge step. It is when you are finally ready to make a serious commitment and build a life together. When you are moving in together, there is more to it than just making the commitment. You need to make changes in the home to accommodate another person living with you. Below is a checklist of things that you should do to prepare for moving day.


#1 Buy a Bigger Bed

Since you are going to be sharing your bed with your partner, you may need to get a bigger one so that you can both sleep comfortably. You should look into getting a larger bed frame and cheap double bed mattresses in Brisbane.

#2 Make Space in the Closet

Most people don’t want to give up any of their closet space. Unfortunately, you are going to need to give up some of yours when your partner is going to be moving in. The first thing that you should do is get rid of anything that you don’t wear and you will likely never wear again. If you have nothing to get rid of, move winter clothes into a hall closet until summer or vice versa. If you don’t have additional closets in the home, you can look into creative ways to store clothes.

#3 Move the Furniture

kaboompics-com_luxury-interior-of-sky-tower-apartment-in-wroclaw-polandIf your partner is going to be bringing some of their own furniture when they move in, you may need to move some of yours to make room for theirs. If you both have the same types of furniture, you should use the pieces that are in the best condition. You can put the rest in storage, sell it, or throw it away.

#4 Make Room for Additional Parking

Chances are, your partner is going to be bringing their car to your home. Since you will be having an additional vehicle in the yard, you will need to make room. If you park in the driveway, this is simple. You would just need to move your car over. If you park in the garage, you should move things around to make room for your partner’s car in there as well.

#5 Create a Chore List

One of the biggest fights that couples have when they move in together is the fight about keeping the home clean. When you and your partner move in together, you should make a list of chores and split them up. This will ensure that you are both pitching in to keep the house clean, preventing arguments down the line.

#6 Figure Out Your Financial Responsibilities

700-dollars-money-wealthBefore your partner moves in, you want to sit down and discuss how the household bills are going to be divided. Some couples will split everything down the middle, while others will create their own budgets and responsibilities. What you choose depends on your financial situations. These are decisions that should be made before your partner arrives with their moving truck.

#7 Be Patient

2016-01-04-roman-drits-barnimages-001Moving in with someone can be very stressful at first. You may have trouble dealing with your partner’s annoying little habits and quirks. Everyone has them. If you are going to get through the first few months of living together, you need to try to be patient. The move will be difficult for both of you. As long as you both remain patient, you will get through the early stages.

Moving in with your partner is a great way to take your relationship to the next level. While it can be wonderful, it can also be stressful. Being properly prepared is very important.