Perfect Valentine’s Day Date


St. Valentine’s Day is such a romantic, long-awaited, and moving holiday! And, of course, the best thing that can happen to you on the Day of Lovers is a date with your beloved one. Such dates surely do not occur just on St. Valentine’s Day only, but the appointment on this particular holiday can play a decisive role in you relationship.


Champaign and Sex

If your relationship is running through the period of passion, it is clear that you will want to spend the Day of Lovers together with your beloved one. It is doubtful that you will ask for anything else except a bottle of champagne and a pair of glasses.

But if the dinner you are having together is aimed at consolidating your relations and giving them some romantic mood you will need to prepare for it beforehand.

Where to Celebrate the Valentine’s Day?

Where to celebrate? At your place, at his place or on some neutral territory? It is not important. There, where you will not feel reserved. If you are going to start every time rustle comes from behind the door, anticipating the untimely return of some relative, the whole romance will vanish.

It will not be good either to visit a place which embarrasses you with its atmosphere, whether it might be a pathos-filled expensive restaurant or a strip-jazz party. For your romantic date, find the place where you will feel at ease.

Romantic Light

If your romantic dinner is to take place at home, you will first of all need to think about the light. Light is one of the key moments. Candles, muted light of the table lamp – as a rule, that is all one needs. You can buy gel candles. They keep burning for a long time and will not distract you from the main object of your attention. And, of course, do not postpone all the preparations till the last possible moment. Take care of the candlesticks beforehand, and choose the most suitable places for them so that you could only light the candles as you hear the doorbell. Do not forget about the safety measures! You can also use gadgets – electric candles.

Valentine’s Day Romantic Dinner

Remember that your romantic dinner should be very beautiful, and not only tasty. Simple things can help you create the desired mood and make the meal unforgettable. The appearance of the dish is an important condition of its correct presenting. The color of the plates should be in harmony with the color of the dish itself – not to mute the hues, but to underline the general mood of the culinary masterpiece. A heart pierced with an arrow can be drawn on a plate using sauce.

Romantic Food Decoration

Cold hors d’oeuvres should be given with leaves of lettuce. It is simple, but it makes the dish look different and more festive. As a kind of decoration of meat dishes, one can take cherry tomatoes and not sweet berries such as wild cherry or cowberries. Desserts are trimmed with ground-cherry and other sweet berries. Chocolate embellishment looks great. But the main thing is to cook everything with love, and in a good mood!

Source of the image: Photl.