Most Women Conceal the Truth about The Clothing Items They Buy


Husbands and partners of 80 per cent of women never get to know the truth about the money their beloved spend on shopping trips. When clothes are at stake, almost all women opt to play down the facts.

Women, shopping

Purchasing clothes, shoes and accessories generally ends in covering up, a survey of 3,000 women carried out by shows.

As ladies bring back home an item that they fear may cause controversy, two thirds of them assure their family that they got it at a bargain price. 25 per cent sneak the new buy into the house and take it out of the wardrobe at a later occasion pretending it has been lying there for ages. Some women pretend that they bought the “questionable” piece of clothing in a sale.

Of other fibs women habitually employ there are complaints of not having a single decent thing to wear, having clothes that don’t fit well, getting it as a present or buying it with her birthday (or Christmas) money.

Some say they chanced to find a thing sold at an awesome discount or used vouchers they were carrying.

“All of my friends are buying new clothes” is an often-heard war-cry as well.

A spokesperson for commented that women resort to fibs because they feel guilty of the amount of money they spent – and the excuse of having nothing to wear is just a flimsy pretext.

Once women returned from their spree carrying a trophy, it may well be men’s turn to lie about the way the buy looks on them!

Source of the image: Photl.