6 Men’s Sexual Fears


Czech sexologists and psychologists have conducted a joint study to find out exactly what fears are experienced by men in bed.


More than 1000 men aged 20 to 45 years participated in the survey. Assessing the findings, the experts classified men’s sexual fears as follows:

  1. most men are afraid that their partner may accidentally get pregnant – 83% of the participants admitted this;
  2. the stronger sex on the second position placed personal fear of being in bed with a virgin – 70% of men admitted this;
  3. 53% of the survey participants said they are afraid to hurt their partner, and in particular pointed to the fear of seeing blood during sexual intercourse;
  4. 64% of men experience fear at the thought that during sex they will be compared with ex-partners;
  5. only 45% of respondents admitted that they are afraid not to satisfy their partner on bed;
  6. 36% of men are afraid of experiments in bed.

Results of the survey are published in Health journal. Aren’t these results surprising?

Source of the image: Photl