Men & Women Have Exchanged the Cores


British sociologists have noticed a strange phenomenon, in which the male and female roles were reversed when performing household chores. Now the stronger sex is more often engaged in cooking and cleaning, while women clean the gutters and mow the grass.


Sociological research conducted by the Karcher company, showed that British men perform domestic duties today more often than ever. In doing so, the stronger sex does not feel any grief, and they readily help their friends.

For example, every tenth man is involved in laundry, dust control and washing floors. 20% of the men are responsible for cooking every day, and 10% wash dishes. Studying the answers of 2000 modern couples shows that gender roles begin to change during the performance of household duties. Three-quarters of the women surveyed say they gladly do the work that used to be entirely on men’s shoulders, like cleaning drains from dry leaves and mowing lawns.

These women are willing to do housework, which their mothers used to avoid. The study found that more than a half of men felt the need to help their wives more actively than their fathers did. But 41% of women admit that today they are working about the house as much as their mother.

Women link this change with the reinterpretation of traditional gender roles, which were more pronounced in the past. 60% of men claim that they are ready to lay the table every day and then wash the dishes; they do not mind ironing and parenting.