Men Prefer Beautiful Women While Women Like Rich Men


A recent study proved that men are more interested in women’s being visually attractive, while women find their partner’s social status to be more important.


During the study, the researchers found that the difference between what people really like in a partner and what they call appealing is enormous.

Professor of psychology at Singapore Management University, Norman Lee, conducted an experiment which involved the people with low social status and low level of attractiveness. He conducted online chats and quick dates to understand what really attracted women and men in each other.

After a long conversation, men admitted that they quickly lost interest in physically unattractive women. Women, by contrast, did not show any complaints regarding the partner’s appearance, but what really annoyed them was the men’s low social status. In addition, the interviewed people indicated these qualities as the preferred ones in their priority list before dating.

The scientist says that the qualities that people refer to as the principal ones in the following stages of the relationship faded into the background.