Men Go for Fair Skin


Girl with Fair SkinVisiting tanning salon is regarded almost necessary for those women who look after themselves. And that’s a mistake. Because men, as it turns out, are more attracted to women with fair skin as they seem to men more innocent and pure. On the other hand, women go for dark-complexioned men that they associate with virility.

Experts at the University of Toronto argue that regardless of the race, women with fairer skin seem to be closer to the ideal as they are subconsciously associated with innocence, purity, modesty, virginity, fragility and even goodness. While men with dark skin attract women because the latter associate it with sex, mystery and danger.

Researches analyzed perceptions of more than 2 000 advertising photographs of men and women with different hues of skin. They came to the conclusion that if men chose between Keira Knightley and Penelope Cruz they would instinctively go for the former actress while women would prefer famous Lovelace with dark skin George Clooney to Daniel Craig.

Dr Shyon Baumann, a sociologist, thinks that every culture has a set of ideals about how women should look and behave. In Europe, for example, the majority of ethnic groups have the genes responsible for fair color of eyes, hair and skin. No wonder that long-established traditions reflected on the male perception of modern women.

Besides, fair skin was a symbol of nobility in Europe and America because suntan was associated with hard labor in the fields, and upper class wasn’t supposed to work. That’s why women were hiding under their cute sun umbrellas.

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  1. I’ve always dreamed of having a bronze skin, like Jessica Alba, for example, but I hardly get tanned, no matter what lotionsa dn oils I use. And I have a friend initially from Brazil who has hot looking bronze skin all year long without even being on vacation and she always wanted to have fair skin, like mine, and told me, why are you spending so long in the sun, you have such a beautiful skin color, don’t tan, etc.

    Now at least I know that in general men like my skin more lol

  2. His skin—and hers—had already sprouted beads of oily lubrication to ease the grinding of bodies. Everyone they passed watched carefully, knowing that something of great importance occurred this very moment. To a raedjour, that could be as effective as a douse of icy cold water. He really was afraid. She felt the soothing fingers of a sleep spell seep into her mind. The smile was still there. If youre tired, perhaps we should rearrange for another time with Hyle and Gala. Gala teased, tossing a floor pillow at him. Eyrhaen stared at the closed door, hands fisted at her sides. I realize just saying it isnt enough, but I have to start somewhere. Yes, Brevin agreed, thumbing aside a tear that slid down her cheek. Your shield is flawless, Tykir murmured, his heat warming her other arm. She swallowed over a lump in her throat. Oh yes, this was right. She closed her eyes, wanting to savor every little move he made. She collapsed into a gooey, shuddering heap. Do you have time to come speak with me? That would have been wonderful. She could feel it in her soul. Mmmmm, she purred, licking the side of his lips as well as her own fingers.

  3. Excuse me,but because men consider fair-skinned women as pure,innocent and blah blah, so,by that logic,naturally olive skinned women are whores?! what a silliness? is mediterranean women’s fault that they have dark skin?! WHY DO PEOPLE INVENT ENDLESSLY STUPID STEREOTYPES ABOUT HOW WOMEN SHOULD BEHAVE AND LOOK LIKE :@ 😐 I have an olive skin myself,so,I’m a dangerous woman?! that’s really ridiculous. I will not succumb to those invented ideals. I don’t care what men think,I LOVE MY DARK SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! humankind is dumb,really….

  4. Excuse me,but because men consider fair-skinned women as pure,innocent and blah blah,so by that logic,naturally dark-skinned women are whores?! WHY DO PEOPLE INVENT ENDLESSLY STUPID STEREOTYPES ABOUT HOW SHOULD WOMEN LOOK LIKE?! is mediterranean women’s fault having dark skin? I have olive complexions myself,and I love it!!!! I don’t care what others say.I won’t succumb to those “ideals”. Humankind is dumb,really.

  5. In persian men’s mentality, yes for sure. They are the most stupid, cold hearted and judgmental men in the world who are not able to see any thing behind superficial beauty.I am a persian woman and I can tell that. I am not dark, or tan. But, just because we are not as white as europeans, they don’t want us! Now just notice how a person need to be miserable to put women down based on their skin color!!!

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