Marriage Guide for Women: Why do Guys Delay Marriage?


Unlike women who favour serious progression of relationships, men generally do not hurry to get married at all. Unfortunately, men tend to perceive the concept of marriage as an unnecessary and archaistic survival method of the previous conservative generation. Therefore, many women who had a positive experience of online dating face real difficulties trying to advance their relationships with men to a new level – family. Many fail as soon as they start discussing a possible perspective of marriage. So, what are the reasons for such a frustrating and pessimistic tendency? Experts of know the answers, and can offer some solutions!


Marriage Is Undesirable: That’s Male Nature

The first and, probably, the most important factor for understanding men’s opposition to marriage is hidden in their nature and character. Men are more reserved than women, and the issue of spiritual closeness and emotional openness seems fairly challenging for them. As soon as men visualize the picture of a hearty and sincere conversation with their partners, they immediately begin to search the exit. A long, wearisome, and instructive monologue of a woman is something a typical man hates most of all.

Family is Costly!

Next, an average man tries to avoid responsibility connected with marriage as long as it is possible because of the money issue. Naturally, expenses of a single man are considerably lower than those of a married one. Therefore, most men experience serious doubts concerning their potential to afford having a family in financial terms. Such common whims of women as brandy clothes and elegant jewellery make men feel especially uncomfortable. Apart from this, many men are afraid that they will not be able to provide their partners with an appropriate level of life, or will not handle a large family as soon as children appear.

Not Ready for Having Kids

Another reason why a lot of men do not hurry to get married today is that they simply do not favour the idea of having children as a further step after marriage. This is a question of responsibility, and it differs individually, but most men are just not ready to take care of both a wife and a kid at the same time. It is too much for them!


Belief in a Family Value Is Lost

Modern men are highly sceptical towards the family institution as such. They would rather believe in a divorce than in a happy marriage. Because of this, they do not want to spend money on marriage if sooner or later a divorce will be the only option. Besides emotional traumas and frustrations, men will also have to deal with financial consequences, which definitely do not add a desire and appeal to marry!

Believe it or not, women also make their contribution to men’s reluctance to marry; many women are more than ready to tolerate that. Perhaps they are too tired to change something and they see no sense in putting any effort into inspiring men to accept the idea of marriage? Or they are satisfied with living together without an official marriage certificate? Anyway, both sides are concerned when it comes to reluctance to marry, so both have to think properly of whether they need each other, and not to be afraid to start a discussion of marriage if that is what they really want. Only in this way, common stereotypes and fears may be resolved and a new happy family may be created!