A Man Falls in Love in 8 Seconds


An average man needs quite little time to fall in love. That is only 8.2 seconds. According to scientists, if on the first date a man looks at a woman for more than 8 seconds, it’s a good sign.


According to the study, the results of which were published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior journal, the longer the man looks at the woman during their first meeting, the more interest she evokes in him. 8.2 seconds is the time, which indicates falling in love, scientists say.

If a man’s look at the woman on the first date exceeds the limit of 8.2 seconds, then we can talk about love, scientists say. In case with women, things are a little different.

In the experiment, the researchers, using hidden cameras, watched the visual response of 115 young people during a conversation with attractive actors and actresses. After this experiment, the participants were asked to name which of them they found the cutest.

As it turned out, if men considered a woman very beautiful and had a liking for her, they looked at her for 8.2 seconds in average. Those on whom they fixed their gaze for only 4.5 seconds had much smaller chances to win their liking.

However, as the researchers note, women in the course of the experiment showed no connection of how long they look at the man to how much they like him. According to the scientists, this is due to the fact that men are more inclined to establish visual contact in the search for a suitable partner, while women are subconsciously trying to avoid excessive and sometimes completely unnecessary attention.