Love Changes Your Voice


If you want to know whether someone likes you, pay attention to this man’s voice when he communicates with you.


Researchers at Albright College in Pennsylvania found that men and women, who are dealing with someone attractive, subconsciously try to copy the voice of this person. As a result, a woman’s voice becomes a little rougher and hoarser, and a man’s voice, on the contrary, becomes higher and more enjoyable. To draw this conclusion, the researchers analyzed the voices of 24 people in love, who were asked to make ​​phone calls.

The example of friends and acquaintances helped many of us notice that as soon as they begin to talk with someone, their voice suddenly changes. This is particularly evident during phone conversations. When the volunteers talked to someone who did not arouse their romantic interest, their voice was the same, but once they heard the beloved in the phone, their voice changed noticeably.

These changes were recorded by a group of 80 independent observers, who were given the last part of call recordings to listen to (sometimes they lasted just 2 seconds). But even in this case, the observers were able to precisely tell whether the person was talking to some acquaintance or the object of love.