Living with a Narcissist Husband and Still Keeping Your Dignity Intact


It is often said that narcissist are people who victimize others to boost their ego and have a stronger footing in society but it is not true. In reality, narcissism is a complex disorder in which actually the narcissist is a victim in himself. If your partner is a narcissist there will be many myths in your mind which will make you constantly doubt yourself. Living with a narcissist is not easy but if there is no option to leave him/her then it is necessary to keep your defenses strong so that your self-esteem and confidence is not shaken. Here are some pointers that will help you to make your life easy living with a narcissist:

  • Never lose your voice: Living with a narcissist is not easy and people think rather than arguing with them or giving them your piece of mind is a waste of time. So they go on silent mode or talk if only required. This deepens the problem and hurts a narcissist’s ego which further instigates him and he might react verbally or physically which is not correct. In fact, talk to him more often and try to deepen the relationship by not judging and loving them unconditionally.
  • Don’t target his ego but also don’t leave your dignity: It is often said in order to keep a narcissist’s happy one has to boast his ego. But who said at the expense of your dignity? Learn to have a strong opinion, be assertive about your decision and yet convey it in a kind and dignified manner. Marking the boundaries, threatening them or trying to train them will not help. So learn the art of communication which serves your purpose as well and keeps your dignity intact.
  • Don’t think of yourself as a loser: Often the partner thinks of himself/herself as a loser but this is a myth. If you actually know the traits of a narcissist then you will understand he will never choose a partner who is a loser or not an asset to him. In fact, he will choose a partner who is smart, intelligent and confident and in short someone, he can flaunt to the world. So stop thinking of yourself as a loser.
  • Pamper yourself: Your life should revolve around you and not our partner. Create your own circle of friends and environment where you can share your feeling, go for outings and of course never stop taking care of yourself. Dress yourself the way you want, go for spa or holidays with your gang to unwind. Check out latest deals at and shop smart.
  • Don’t be a challenge: Lastly, stop being a challenge to him. Yes, he loves a challenge in the beginning but constant proving oneself is a struggle that a narcissist cannot fulfill and will lose interest.

To conclude, it is often said an ideal relationship is the one where without losing your own identity two people become one. So rather than competing with one another choose companionship for a peaceful life.