Level Up Your Online Dating in 2020


We are well underway into 2020 and two decades into the new millennium. With our modern, digital, and increasingly-tech-based society, online dating is the norm. Recent studies show that more couples meet online than in any other fashion. But, whether you’re recently single or have been on the dating scene for years, it can feel like a grading game sometimes. What online dating has given us in convenience; it often takes away in genuine connections.

If you’re ready to get off the merry-go-round of dating apps and sites, try these online dating tips in 2020.

Embrace Unique Digital Meetings

The Internet is a broad and vast space, and when it comes to dating, it doesn’t necessarily only encompass matchmaking platforms. Remember that you can meet prospective partners in any digital network. For example, if you regularly play video games, and you connect with a gamer in the chat section, be open to taking your conversation to the next level. A recent survey found that of the people who popular game Fortnite, more than half have met an S.O. or close friend through the game. Alternatively, perhaps you’re really vibing on a fellow professional’s LinkedIn posts, don’t be afraid to send a friendly intro message.

Of course, exercise caution and good judgment. Don’t meet a new person from Twitter in a dark alley or hotel room. Always fall the rules for safe first dates, i.e., plan your meeting in a public space, tell others where you’ll be, don’t get drunk or impaired and don’t give out too many personal details until you get to know them.

Slow Your Swipe

In the age of swiping right, we’ve gotten very used to viewing a face, rapidly taking in basic details and moving on. This year, be more intentional with both your online browsing and interactions. Take the time to read someone’s profile. You might be swiping past a hidden gem. Or, you could waste three dates with someone you found physically attractive before you realize that they’re a couch potato and you’re an exercise enthusiast.

One way to do this is to schedule your browsing like you would an appointment for a massage or gym session. Don’t just mindlessly browse at lunch or on the subway. Intentional means taking time and focusing on the task at hand. Give people more of a chance, think quantity over quality when it comes to dating profiles viewed.

Set Dating Goals

Set a realistic goal for yourself for dating, but make it just outside your comfort zone. For example, aim to have one new date or encounter each week in February, (reminder: it’s a short month, making it easier). These don’t have to be full-blown romantic events, think meeting up for a quick lunchtime coffee with someone who piques your interest.

Look for Niche Apps or Sites

For those not having luck on the larger dating apps, you might be casting too wide of a net. While apps like Cupid and Bumble are amazing for their endless potential mates, you can also get lost in the crowd. If you have specific interests and tastes, or just want more targeted dating options, try a smaller, niche app or dating site. Consider the following examples:

  • Coffee Meets Bagel: Curated matches based on in-depth profiles, for someone that wants a daily afternoon email with a list of prospective new mates.
  • Lumen: Dating for the 50+ crowd.
  • Single Parent Meet: A network for fellow single parents who understand the challenges of dating with kids.
  • Mouse Mingle: Obsessed with Disney and looking for a companion who is too? This is your app!

There truly is a dating app for most interests and stages in your life, so think of important characteristics you’d like in a better half, and look for a relevant option.

Happy Online Dating in 2020!

Yes, it may be the start of the “roaring twenties,” but if you’re looking to settle down or a new partner, try these simple tips to level up your online dating experience.