How to Know If a Guy Is Interested in You


You’re on a date with a guy and there comes a time when you begin to wonder just how much he is interested in you. Is he flirting or just being polite and good-natured? Body language can furnish you with the answers to your questions. It’s a bit tricky, but there are some certain signs that your date is harboring – or showing – a growing liking for you. Now let’s see if you can detect the following in your guy’s behavior, and probably base a relationship on it!



A wide, open and dazzling smile is one of the most welcome signs for you if you have a crush on the fellow. His smiling at you, especially when it occurs regularly, reveals a liking and a wish to approach you. Smile back if you’re interested and consider the chances of his being a shy person who needs reassurance. If he is, why not make the first step? Talk to him and see how things will develop. Don’t try to be very pushing at first, it can put guys off.


Mostly a sign to keep in mind when a shy guy is around. Shy ones are more difficult to draw out, but it not a good reason to assume they are worse partners. When a guy begins blushing at the sight of you, it is a sign he is thinking of flirting with you. Although, blushing is an uncontrollable bodily function and if a man blushes it doesn’t necessarily make him shy. Still, it’s a sign of liking.

Making eye contact

It is one of the more uncertain signs, but it should also be considered alongside others. Fact is, eye contact constitutes an important part of communication and we should make it quite often through a day. A social eye contact doesn’t mean that much, but once you notice that you guy holds it longer than it is customary, it may be meaningful. By the look in his eyes you may even figure out his intentions. Though, a very short eye contact on the part of a shy fellow can also be a sign of flirting.

Hands-on-hips posture

When a guy places his hands on the hips or puts his thumbs through the loops of his belt, it may tell of his interest. He assumes the posture that sends out a sign that he is confident, manly and assertive. He is out to impress and expects responsive signs that you are suitably impressed by his macho personality.

Mirroring actions

People often mirror actions of those who they are conversing with; it’s subconscious. Yet it is a sign of liking, too. It comes natural to us to emulate what we love. Watch out for different ways of mirroring, like postures, speech tempo, laughing at the same time. But keep in mind that mirroring is a common advice on dating sites for successful flirting, so your guy may be just following a technique.


Now this is one of the certain signs. If a guy keeps wanting to touch you, he is sure to have a crush on you. Besides, there is another kind of touch, an accidental one. Touching you accidentally, the man seeks you attention and would like to continue talking to you. If you like him, do heed this sign and respond, for it is a strong one.

Tilting his head

Regard the way your date tilts his head. If he inclines his head towards you, it shows he’s attentive and interested in what you are saying. He is tuned in and your conversation means much to him. It’s a pleasing sensation even if you are not so crazy about the fellow!

Looking at you and his pupils are dilated

Eyes are very difficult to control so the way we look often gives us away. As we become attracted by whatever or whoever it is we are looking at, our pupils get larger. If we don’t like what we see, the pupils get smaller. So, the dilating or contracting of the pupils is a sure indicator of what are your date’s feelings for you.

Raising eyebrows

If you can’t get a good look into your date’s eyes and into his soul, observe his face. Are his eyes widened and his eyebrows raised as he is listening to you? If so, you can be sure he wants to flirt. Keep talking and see how long he will stay like this.


Most people, men and women alike, are apt to fidget when they are in company of somebody they like. It’s nerves paying tricks on you, but it’s a natural kind of nervousness. It portends expectation and doubt. So, if you see a man fidgeting and throwing nervous looks at you, be sure he is attracted and would like to strike up a conversation.

Here’s a list of sure signs that you can respond by flirting back, for the liking’s there, and you can embark on building up a relationship and see where it gets you. Also, keep in mind there may be different individual signs which you will learn to recognize.