Jealousy Is Blinding


American psychologists looked at how jealousy can affect our physical condition. They found that jealousy emotionally impacts women so hard that it may impair their eye sight.


In the experiment involving romantic couples, women were asked to pick out images of picturesque landscape that were flashed onto the computer display and alternated with unpleasant images. Their partners sit near at the individual computers and were asked to rate the attractiveness of landscapes, too.  Midway through the experiment, researchers asked men to rate the attractiveness of other women whose images flashed onto their screens. Then women were asked how jealous they were because their partner rated the attractiveness of other women during the experiment.

Researchers found that the more jealous women were, the less they were able to pick out the images of picturesque landscapes.

Psychologists say that the distraction was observed as men were rating other women. So scientists proved that jealousy really is blinding.

The study was published in The Psychological Science.

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  1. I actually absolutely adore my partner sooo much and thus he is very amazing for myself. I absolutely love nearly anything related to him. The only problem though, is he is friends with too many ladies and I don’t like knowing that he has been speaking with a lot of ladies in place of myself. I hate being jealous. I’m trying to just ignore the jealousy but I can’t. Please help me out. Thanks.

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