Intoxicated Males Still Can Appreciate Beauty


The degree of intoxication does not affect male’s ability to assess women’s beauty, while women, on the other hand, lower their bar under the influence of alcohol. Such conclusion was made by British scientists from University of Leicester after testing 240 volunteers.

Alcohol Drink

The study was conducted in two phases. At first sober men and women were showed photos of people of opposite sex and asked whether they were beautiful and sexually attractive. In the second phase, same photos were shown to same participants who were now drunk. Men kept their opinions, they found attractive the same girls they selected when being sober.

Women, however, demonstrated different results: once drunk they rated as attractive even those men whom they did not have interest in before.

Based on this research, Dr. Vincent Egan concluded that alcohol does not affect the ability to evaluate female beauty in men, while women become more lenient and less demanding under the influence of alcohol.

So now, we can only hope that men will not come across those results and use them to their advantage.

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