How to Track a Cheating Partner


No relationship is protected from infidelity. Lipstick stains on his collar or a questionable sweet-kissing-SMS are not the only telltale signs of cheating. His sexual behavior in the bedroom may reveal this hard-hitting truth too. Here is a list of top signs that will help you to catch a cheating spouse. Well, he is cheating on you if…



He suddenly stopped kissing you. Kisses are a good litmus test for any relationship. If you feel a complete lack of kisses in your daily or sexual life, it is time to sound the alarm. Both women and men generally consider kissing to be more intimate expression of emotion than sex.

Sexual Life

Nothing has changed in your daily routines except that your sexual life is slacking off or, even worse, stops completely. Your partner is always too tired, or stressed out, or has continuous migraine, or falls asleep as soon as his head touches a pillow. Besides, the decrease in his sexual activity has come all of a sudden. Try to recall recent events, and you will probably find the link between his apathy and his last business trip with a new colleague.

His Cell Phone

Your relationship has become a love triangle with his cell phone. He never parts with it, neither while sleeping, nor when taking a bath. Each time his cell phone vibrates (ringing mode is permanently turned off not without a reason), he becomes uneasy.

His Night Outfit

His complete night outfit includes now pyjamas and trunks. And to get to his body, you should surmount all these flannel and cotton barriers, apart from his own unwillingness to throw his protective sleepwear off.


He suddenly began to avoid your caresses. He says you do it all wrong or they hurt, tickle or freeze him. This list of his complaints is far from being complete.

Your Sexual Satisfaction

He no longer cares about your satisfaction. Previously he used to drive you crazy till you almost fainted. Now he is just indifferent about the way you feel and turns his back on you as he gets satisfied himself.


When lying in bed he avoids your hugs giving ridiculous reasons like feeling stuffy discomfort or backache.

His Libido

Finally, you noticed he completely lost his sexual interest in you. Nothing seems to revive it, no matter how seductive your petting is or how sexy you look.

Is He Cheating?

Maybe it’s time you should stop deceiving yourself with illusory hopes and communicate honestly with your partner. The certain truth is that men, indeed, can be very vulnerable and sensitive to any kind of stress that affect their sexual drive.

And what if he’s really tired and overworked, and doesn’t care about a long-legged secretary in his office. Perhaps, that’s all about midlife crisis or he’s just going through a bad streak.

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  1. More importantly, ladies, why would he be looking elsewhere? Have you stopped looking after his needs? Do you walk around in sweats without makeup, and generally ignore your appearance? Have you put on a few pounds? Remember that men are VERY visual creatures.

  2. Why are you so quick to blame the woman? I have two different girlfriends who are drop-dead gorgeous and take meticulous care of themselves and their husbands still cheated. I think the issue is much deeper than that.

  3. And what do men walk around in? Let’s take weekends, for example. Ugly boxers, without having combed the hair, never applying some cream on the face, not shaved (impossible to kiss without being injuried). Women are VERY visual creatures too. We love flowers, cute things, bright colors, we love makeup and beautiful clothes. We can’t live without beauty! And if our partner gets less beautiful we may lose interest too but it happens less often. Most women take care of their appearance much more than men. Men never care about epilation. Who said we like hairy legs??? Men don’t think about sexy underwear. They think only about THEIR COMFORT. We women think about their APPEARANCE (high heels, although it’s so painful after the day; hairstyling in the morning instead of extra 30 minutes of sleep; g-strings – may I not get into details with g-strings? – etc) and what for? For you men! And after all this when the woman looks natural without makeup or feels sick and looks bad and wears sweats at home you don’t love us anymore? Do you mean men love women only if they are made up? Not for their personality? Not for how they were created? You love us naked BUT still with makeup, not natural.

  4. i agree with Bon-bon, it is really so. i believe men lose interest in the partner faster than women if something is wrong, like lack of makeup, couple excess pounds and so on because men are less patient in general. women are programmed to endure for much longer time even if they do not like couple things. men start looking elsewhere, as Chris said, very soon.

  5. WOW! That certainly got a reaction.
    Bon Bon hit on something that is a primary difference between men and women. Men can/do cpmpletely separate sex from love. Women tend not to. I also see that Bon Bon likes to receive gifts. I think that the vast majority of women made a huge effort – makeup, lingery, heels etc. to snag the guy in the first place – then it changes. There is the old joke about when a man marries he does not want his wife to change – but of course, she does. When a woman marries she thinks she can change her man, but of course, that doesn’t happen.

  6. I can tell you why this changes with makeup, lingerie and high heels: women no longer do this for their husband because they lose interest in him. But they do it once they go out somewhere, even in the office. That is, they do it for other men who they still don’t know so well as their own one.

    A woman loses interest in her husband because day after day, the man stays the same and never changes in terms of taking care of himself, wearing something sexy etc., while women love being surprised. Why do women need to make these efforts if the man makes no efforts in turn? They start doing this for other men who notice and appreciate it. Here I don’t mean cheating or even flirting. For most women simply looking good, hearing compliments and feeling that they are beautiful and liked etc. is the biggest pleasure. And even more important than orgasm.

  7. I’m sorry but it seems to me Chris has experienced the situation he describes here. His wife or girlfriend he is living with made a number of attempts to change him while she changed herself. And the changes that took place disappoint him really much.

    Chris it doesn’t mean all women act the same way and have the same goals as your wife/girlfriend does (subconsciously): sex for gifts and flowers, lingerie for being able to manipulate you etc. By far not all women start wearing sweats and ignoring their appearance once they ‘caught’ the man (after the wedding).

    And what do you bean by saying ‘snag the guy’? I keep wondering why most men think women are so unsure that all they do is being panically afraid of staying alone, without a man, so that any one would be regarded as good to have at least something.

  8. Unfortunately the 1 thing that’s true for sure is all listed in the story above is true for both sexes… I went through this hell of spying on my wife who had a lover… now ex-wife. It’s so tragic all my friends had told me about it and I… who could believe the person you love is cheating on you… Not me… I couldn’t believe… Asked why didn’t understand… A friend of hers said once I hadn’t paid attention to her I only worked… And she is always so beautiful… makeup hair and stuff… All her attempts… Men love your wives and pay attention to them…compliments gifts otherwise you can lose your love…

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