How to Spot a Liar in a Relationship?


Sometimes men burst into our lives as hurricanes sending loads of love messages, asking on a date, giving a lot of promises… We are itching to ask, “What does he want from me?” To take life with a grain of salt is not the best motto for you, but we want to give you a few tips on how to tell a sincere man from a liar and a traitor.

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1. Learn more about him

It’s an obvious tip, but we often ignore it. But we’d better no to! In this case, you may omit the man’s personal life – it’s enough to learn about his career. Where he studied and worked, if he changed the profession, why he quit so often, in what situations he parted with his business partners and if he downshifted – the information can tell a lot about his responsibilities and life priorities. It is better to listen not only to your BF, but also to his acquaintances, friends, and relatives.

2. See how he responds to a refusal

Shift your date, do not agree to go to the movie he wants to see, do as it is comfortable for you, not him. In unexpected circumstances, the true face of a man reveals.

3. Act naturally

A man’s words and even some of his actions may say nothing. Let no luxury gifts or promises pull the wool over your eyes. Take the guy adequately and listen to what you really feel for him, and not to his broad gestures.

4. Do not rush

You’ve only known him for a month, and you are already lending him a large sum, going on an adventure with him, letting him meet your parents and packing your bags to move to his house? You seem to be too influenced by cinema and fascinating stories that can turn into a tragedy in real life.

5. Do not change your life radically

If your BF wants you to quit the university, quit your job, move out of the capital to a small town, or vice versa – insists on his move from a small town to the capital to live with you to pursue his plans, it is better to refuse. Suggest that your relationship should go on as usual. No self-respecting man will use his relationship with a girl to achieve success in business.

The more you exercise healthy egoism in the relationship, the more likely the liar will disappear.