How to Make a Man Listen to You?


If you want a man to listen to you carefully, try to start a serious discussion at 8:15 p.m. Sociological research has shown that the time when men sit down at the table for dinner is the best for a frank conversation.


Sociological survey of thousands of men and women showed that most men are disposed to serious talks with their partners at 8:15 p.m. when they usually eat. Almost half of the surveyed men said they were ready for a serious conversation at the dinner table. It is curious that such willingness occurs among women 12 hours earlier – at 8:20 in the morning.

Another good place for a serious conversation is in a car. 39% of men believe serious conversations to be appropriate while driving. More than 20% of men also admit that they will yield to any request from their wife or girlfriend if they are asked for it in the presence of a large number of other family members.

But three-quarters of respondents hate to be disturbed while taking a shower, and men do not seem to find these talks sexy. The study found that women often do not understand their partners and choose very bad time for a serious talk with them. For example, women can disturb the men who are playing video games. Only 1% of men are ready to discuss serious topics at this time.

Men can by no means be detracted from watching football matches, as 92% consider this part of their life to be “sacred.” Less than 5% of men are also willing to talk on serious topics while watching movies, regardless of their genre.