Honesty Is the Secret of a Happy Marriage


American scientists at the University of Illinois conducted a meta-study, in which it was found that the key to a long and lasting relationship is honesty. In an open relationship, couples can overcome any difficulties at all stages.

Woman hugging man

The study involved about twelve thousand couples of different age. All of them managed to maintain a happy and strong relationship because of the sincerity and mutual trust.

The scientists asked the participants to write reports about their relationship with the partner. All men and women, who participated in the study, said that for many years already they have been kept together by the sincerity and willingness to overcome all the difficulties.

In addition, the couple noted sharing common goals, common friends, and a sensible distribution of responsibilities.

A mutual desire to support each other, seek common interests, and establish good relations with each other’s relatives also helps couples to maintain and strengthen the relationship.