Have You Met the Guy of Your Dreams, or Should You Pull Away?


The early days and months of a potential relationship can be intoxicating and full of excitement as you get to know each other but there might also be that question in the back of your mind of whether you have met your soulmate or someone who is not going to be a good match in the long run.

It can be any number of big or small things that raise a few nagging doubts or you might spot some signs he’s not interested, so how do you know if this really a match made in heaven?

Here are some pointers on ways to tell if a fledgling relationship has the makings of a great romance or whether you should consider pulling away and looking elsewhere.

You agree to disagree and move on

When you first start dating someone there are so many things to discover about each other and it is a good sign if you are able to have lengthy discussions about all sorts of different topics and you are able to speak your mind freely.

Healthy relationships tend to thrive when both of you are able to express your thoughts and feelings freely and with honesty, and your partner respects your opinion even if it is something that they don’t feel the same way about.

Being able to communicate with each other and respect each other’s opinions is a good sign, but if you find yourself being talked down to or told that what you are saying is wrong, that is not a great foundation for a strong and lasting union.

Space to breathe

The early days of a new romance can be very consuming and you might not think of much else if things are going well between you, but it is also good to have some space even if you think you might be falling in love.

Making sure you have enough time for your own hobbies and interests and keeping your existing circle of friends is important and your partner should respect and understand that need for space in the relationship.

If you find your new partner trying to occupy all of your time and denying you the chance to do other things and see other people outside of the relationship that is not always a healthy sign that things are going to last.

Space to breathe away from your partner helps you appreciate each other when you are together.

Laughter and fun are a regular feature

It is unrealistic to expect any long-term partnership to be filled with fun and laughter every minute of the day but it is normal for a healthy relationship to feature plenty of moments where you laugh together and have fun in each other’s company.

Finding humour in the things you do together and appreciating the special moments that create great memories are key characteristics of a strong bond that you have between you and if you don’t experience that it is probably going to be a struggle stay as a couple.

Sharing the decisions you make

Another good sign of a healthy relationship is when both of you are prepared to make decisions together rather than one of you ruling the roost and calling all the shots.

It is not just the major decisions either, as the willingness to listen and respect each other’s opinion on everyday things such as what to have to eat or what movie to watch are the sort of things that couples who are in an equal and loving partnership tend to take for granted.

If you don’t have a fair say or your partner overrules you on a regular basis this is not a positive sign that your liaison will stand the test of time.

Sharing the journey together

Life can be unpredictable and things can often take a turn for the better or worse when it comes to your health and wealth.

What you want is someone who is with you and supports you through that journey and loves you for who and what you are rather than what you have or don’t have, as the case may be.

There are many things that can change you as a person, such as starting a family, and the right partner will accept and value you regardless of any change in circumstances that may occur.

Sharing life’s journey and being there for each other is what most of us would like from a relationship and not someone who seems unwilling to evolve with you.

You don’t have to justify your partner

Introducing your partner to family and friends is often a big moment in a relationship and it is a sign that you are comfortable enough to take this important step.

It is normal to experience a bit of initial hesitance especially amongst some family members who have your best interests at heart and it will take time for them to get to know your new partner and accept them.

If the majority of your family and friends all seem to be saying or thinking that the new person in your life is not the right person for you, that could be a bit of a warning sign that they are seeing something you are not.

Although a relationship is primarily about two people, it also matters that you have the general support of your network of family and friends. If you end up being cut adrift from them for the sake of your relationship, it might be time to question why that scenario exists.

Bedroom matters

Sex is an integral aspect of getting to know each other in a new relationship and you need that sexual connection to enjoy a long-term partnership, even when the initial excitement has quietened things down in the bedroom.

Love and sex are key ingredients of a healthy long term relationship and it is also an opportunity to create a real bond of trust as well as affection when you are comfortable sharing each other’s bodies.

If you are not comfortable with your sex life or don’t have the mutual respect for each other that is needed it is not a positive sign for the longevity of your relationship.

How does your current romantic partnership rate on these key points?