Your Future Ex: 8 Types of Toxic Guys


Hi, this is our constant column “How to avoid shit in your life” and today you’ll find out which guys like to spoil girls’ life. Some of these types seem quite harmless and they never admit that they disappoint other people. It is with these men that you should be more careful.

  1. He seems too good

He smiles and says “no problem” when you cancel a date at the last minute. He does not mind waiting for hours at the entrance, while you’re getting ready to leave the house. He is always cheerful and sweet and says the right things. You think that “he is one of a kind,” and it’s true. But he’s pretending, and you do not have to start a serious relationship until you bring to the surface the true nature of Mr. Impeccable.

  1. He advertises himself

A great friend, a faithful guy, a passionate lover… You must deduce all of this from what he does rather than hear from what he says. If he turns into a TV-shop host after a plain request to tell you about himself, you know you will be forced to buy a low-quality product. If he really were as good as he says, you would have noticed it.

  1. He returns when you forget about him

As soon as you reach out for the door handle with the inscription “New life”, this guy appears from nowhere. It turns out that he has been thinking about you all the time, he has understood a lot, he has changed, and now he’s not an asshole anymore. He is a terrific man now! It’s all a hoax to keep playing the emotional yo-yo and let you into his life whenever he’s lonely or bored.

  1. Micro-cheater

Cheating can begin with something small. Do not ignore trifles in his behavior. Be careful with the guy who finds flirting the usual style of communication with others. A very secretive man or someone who has many close female friends is also under suspicion. If you know that a guy has cheated in past relationships, it’s worth thinking about it before giving him a chance. How to resist micro-cheating in a relationship? You need to understand that you have problems, you cannot wait until he sleeps with another girl.

  1. He speaks badly about you behind your back

You are lucky if you have the opportunity to find out how the guy speaks about you when you’re not around. A toxic person will not necessarily say insults directly into your face. His attitude can be manifested in a condescending tone or trivial jokes. One of the most unpleasant types is the one who makes a girl feel like a queen when they are alone and then makes it clear that she is nothing more than a servant.

  1. He causes the feeling of pity

If you wonder why life has treated such a great guy so unfairly, make sure that you did not fall into his pitiful trap. When someone else is guilty of all his failures – he does not notice his mistakes. A man who always complains about life will not add fun to your life. Such people sustain on your negative energy. Even if everything is fine, they will find a cause for accusations. In addition, a person who makes you feel sorry is somehow convinced that everyone owes him something. The problem is that many girls like unhappy and miserable guys. If you are one of those, you’d better pick up a kitten on the street. At least it will not complain about life forever and will not make you feel guilty.

  1. Mansplaining

We have already told you what mansplaining is. When a man explains something to a woman, he uses an indulgent tone to show his superiority. However, he may not understand the topic at all, but still, consider himself competent. Such a guy will question your words simply because you are a woman. If you are ready to accept the fact that your opinion will be less important, if you are ready to listen to moralizing, you will not pay attention to this feature in his behavior.

  1. He needs you too much

The range of toxic guys is wide: from a self-satisfied chauvinist who treats you like dirt to an obedient and uxorious man that will act submissive and look up to you. If a man does not know how to spend time and make decisions on his own, he is unlikely to be a full-fledged personality. If you encourage this behavior, you will get a helpless boy instead of the source of support and partnership.