Friendship Extends Life Expectancy


The Italian Psiche reports that Australian scientists have discovered, that friendship phenomenon is not just good for one’s state of soul, but for health as well.

The scientist had been conducting a study among older women for ten years and discovered that presence of good friends increases life expectancy among elderly.

Friendship Extends Life Expectancy

The authors of the study report that strong friendship protects elderly women from stress, depression, and even obesity and high blood pressure.

It turns out, that our organism produces oxytocin, hormone that has calming effect, when we have support from friends.

The article on this study describes seven types of friends needed for the wonderful elderly ladies to be completely happy:

  • childhood friend
  • new friend
  • sport-mate
  • spiritual friend (like-minded friend)
  • younger friend
  • life-partner’s friends
  • own mother

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