The Effect of Widowhood


Australian scientists have found that the death of a loved one or a spouse often leads to death, – the journal Health wrote. Typically, this occurs within three years after the sad event.


The specialists came to this conclusion after studying a few thousand married couples. The study found that 26% of men and 40% of women died after the death of a partner. Experts argue that this so-called “effect of widowhood” affects not only the elderly but also middle-aged people.

The researchers concluded that under the effect of widowhood, a surviving spouse within a short period developed cancer and had a variety of serious cardiovascular diseases, which in turn lead to death. Cases of suicide are also common under this situation. The research authors identified the average duration of the effect as three years. However, in some cases, they argue, the trend may continue for ten years.

According to figures presented in journal Health, 12 people from the control group died in the same day with a partner, 40 people – after ten days had elapsed and 35 – within six months after the death of a spouse.

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