Divorce Risk and Names


UK-based Divorce-online had an idea that people’s Christian names can influence the divorce rate – now that the survey they commissioned brought in results, they are sure of this!

Man with woman

Having studied thousands of divorces recently filed all over the UK, researchers found that the names oftenest cited are Mark and Susan.

The possibility of eventual break-ups also seems to hang heavily over the heads of people called David, Michael, Nicola and Caroline.

On the other hand, men who are destined most to enjoy unmarred married bliss are Roy, Theo and Liam; women’s names that get into divorce documents but rarely are Sofia, Shannon and Penelope.

A Mark or a Susan who would like to keep their relationships going strong may try to ask their partners to call them by a nickname or by some other given name – there’s a chance it may ward off the inevitable, but it calls for another study.

Source of the image: Photl.