7 Conditions of Happiness


Australian scientists have published in a popular science journal The Psychological Science the list of “ingredients” necessary for a person to feel truly happy, and also commented on the list of prerequisites for happiness.


According to them, the notorious list looks like this:

  1. healthy lifestyle
  2. ability to dream
  3. proper goal-setting
  4. belief in realization of one’s goals and hopes
  5. labor of love
  6. participation in social life
  7. correct choice of life partner.

Concerning the last item, the authors expressed confidence that in fact the correct choice of a spouse is a fundamental ingredient for a happy self-sentiment because psychological incompatibility in a family usually leads to failure in all other spheres of life, but understanding that you have a strong rear makes us confident and calm, and this in itself is a guarantee of success, the psychologists emphasized.

Curiously, material well-being was not included in the list of “happy” ingredients: according to the authors, money is just a component and consequence of item 5 (favorite work), and money alone does not affect the sense of happiness.

Source of the image: Photl