Beautiful Hair More Attractive Than Big Breasts


The researchers have proved that it is more important for men to see women’s lush and beautiful hair than their magnificent boobs. 82% of the men, who took part in the study, admitted that luxurious curls made a woman the sexiest.


The question “What makes a woman sexier?” was not the only one that the U.S. researchers addressed to men. In many of their responses, the volunteers praised groomed and healthy hair. Answering the question what was the first thing to attract their attention in a woman, 45% of men said it was an attractive hairstyle that made the lady beautiful.

Then, as it turned out, the men would glance at how neat the woman’s manicure was and if her clothes were attractive. However, men themselves pay almost no attention to their makeup.

Even the woman’s magnificent bust is second to lush hair in terms of drawing men’s attention. It was revealed due to the question about the companion with whom men would prefer to have dinner – a buxom beauty or the owner of beautiful hair. 65% of the surveyed men responded that they would prefer to have dinner with a lady who had groomed and shiny hair rather than the one with an outstanding neckline. As it turned out, hair styling did not influence the choice of the participants. The main criterion for them was a beautiful shine of hair.