9 Habits Not Letting You Start a New Relationship


Stop blaming men for your loneliness. Instead, look closely at yourself: you’re probably doing something wrong. Find out what kind of bad habits you have and get rid of them immediately.


1. Night Drunk Texting

Give up these drunk sms during the party. Of course, after the fifth glass of champagne, it is hard to control yourself and not to write a heart-rending message to your former or potential boyfriend, but it’s better not to. And then the next morning you’ll have headache not just from a hangover.

2. Expecting His Actions

No need to wait for the guy to make the first step. If you want to get acquainted, take advantage of your charm, flirt with him: smiles, looks, gestures – and he is approaching you to get acquainted.

3. Past Life

Allow yourself to forget past failures and disappointments. Throw out your old baggage and make room for new relationships.

4. Wasting Time

It does not matter whether this is the guy whom you do not like, or the guy who does not like you. Just do not waste time on non-reciprocal feelings. Even with the perfect guy, you won’t be happy unless there’s a spark between you. And, on the contrary, no matter how interested you are in a man, if he is not keen on you, you’re just wasting your time.

5. Pretending You’re Cool & Popular

Of course, you want to be a cool girl followed by a crowd of admirers. But if you are not, do not create a false image. Be yourself and find someone who will appreciate your sincerity. In addition, not every guy likes his girlfriend courted by other men.

6. Concentrating on Flaws

It does not matter if these are your own flaws. Both of you are people, and people make mistakes. Therefore it is not necessary to delete a person from your life, if he chews ugly or jokes weirdly. And do not blame yourself for saying something stupid or spilling hot tea on his pants. Any situation can be corrected, but this requires work. Maybe after some time, you’ll love even his strange sense of humor, and he will adore your clumsiness.

7. Friends’ Opinion

Do not let your friends criticize your new friend: his looks, style of communication, behavior and clothing. All of this can destroy the positive impression made by your man first. Listen to advice, but trust only your own feelings.

8. “He’s Not My Type” or “He’s the One”?

Forget the phrase “he is not my type”. Yours or not yours! You will never know until you get to know the person better. Give the man a chance, and perhaps he will become the final goal of your search.

9. Dating Ex-Boyfriend

Instead of wasting efforts for the restoration of non-existent relationship, give all your energy to create new ones. When you feel lonely again, do not call the ex, but call your friend. Have an adventure together, perhaps he is already sitting at one of your favorite cafes reading, drinking coffee and waiting for you to sit down at the next table.