7 Things to Avoid Talking about and Saying on the First Date


One of the most romantic occasions in your life is the first date with a new girl. Of course, it’s anxiety-provoking. You need to both make a good impression and act naturally, which is quite hard itself. Aside from planning the entire evening/day, you should also meditate over what to say and how. Because, you know, your look means much less than the conversation you are going to have. With the help of our friends from GoDateNow dating site, we pointed out seven things you should definitely not say or talk about during the first date.


Pickup lines

Who created this repulsive concept? Where are these girls that fall for it? Seriously, we were never able to understand. Pickup lines are cheap, trivial, worthless, and they just DON’T WORK. Haven’t you though girls also watch movies, read books, and surf the Internet? They know exactly where you get those from. So don’t imagine you’re in a romantic comedy. Because you are obviously not.

Black humor

You might get away with it after a month of being together. Moreover, your potential girlfriend’s mind may turn out to be much more maleficent than yours. However, conventionally you should avoid cracking evil jokes during the initial period of your relationships. Since you don’t know the peculiarities of her moral principles and upbringing, some of your sarcastic statements may be too much. Leave it for later.

Talking dirty

Yeah, we know, you are incredibly sexy. However, a dirty talk with a girl you just met is a quite bad idea. Instead of finding you sexually attractive, she might assume you are a pervert. Or a freak. Believe it or not, but women think the brain is man’s sexiest organ. Use it!

Getting too intimate

We all have secrets. Likewise, everyone holds a baggage of strange and creepy facts about their life. Revealing them or forcing a girl to do so is an unforgivable mistake. As well, you should postpone talking about the sexual sphere. By far, all the conversations related to sexual relationships and the intercourses should be initiated much later. She has a lot to say but might not be ready to.


This is a specific topic that can easily cause an argument. Of course, you may ask her about her believes and ideas. However, any further explorations of her religiosity may be dangerous. It’s okay if, for example, both of you are Buddhists and you knew it beforehand.

Overdoing compliments

In this particular way, you demonstrate your anxiety. If you truly want to compliment her, start with her intelligence. Praising her look, you should better talk about her dress, not her eyes or face. A dress is what she chose, a face is what she was given.

Boasting of any kind

Once again, you demonstrate your nervousness and the lack of self-assurance in this way. If you would like to depict any of your positive features, try to do it surreptitiously. Instead of, ‘I am really generous’, use something like, ‘last week my team helped an orphanage’. That will work perfectly.