7 Steps to Perfect Intimate Life


Do you want the sex with your beloved to bring you both maximum pleasure? Then use our tips.


1. Kisses

They can be very different: passionate and gentle, long and short. Alternate them, and your partner will love it! Do not forget about the erogenous zones: the back of the hand, the back along the spine, inner thighs, belly button …

2. Sounds

Men do not like it when a woman is silent in bed. Soft moans or replica will prompt that he is doing everything right. Loud breathing is another sign that you are enjoying. Try to breathe deeply along with the partner’s movements – this will strengthen your sensations!

3. Sex Positions

You have found your favorite position and stick to it, don’t you? It’s time to try something new or upgrade habitual positions. Experiment on it!

4. Movements

Do not lie motionless in bed, be sure to move! Even if you’re receiving partner on top, move rhythmically to the partner’s movements.

5. Touches

It is with the help of touches that you start a prelude to get your partner in a romantic mood and let him know what you want from him. As if by chance, touch his thigh or breast or run your hand through his hair …

6. Communication during Sex

Tell the beloved what you like in sex. Such talks will help you understand how to give maximum pleasure.