6 Best Romantic Spots in Vilnius


Romance is hidden in the details and those who have visited the capital city of Lithuania perfectly understand it. Vilnius is not large in terms of size and population. It means that you can see all its attractions simply by walking around the city. Cobbled streets, baroque and gothic architecture, old castles, and friendly locals make it a great destination for romantic couples. Here are some places prepared by Russian Ladies from DatingLadies.com you shouldn’t miss wandering about this cozy city.


Gediminas Castle

This is one of the most famous castles in Lithuania. Its main tower is a symbol of Vilnius and it’s a must-see attraction. The tower sits on the top of the hill but it’s possible to climb it on foot. You can visit a museum inside the tower to feel the medieval spirit. The view from the hill is splendid. It’s a perfect vantage point to behold the old part of the city.

St. Anne’s Church

Gothic architecture of St. Anne’s Church will overwhelm you with its magnificence. This is a famous Vilnius landmark that is often depicted on postcards. There is a legend that Napoleon was swept off his feet by the beauty of this church. He even wanted to take it to Paris on the palm of his hand. There are very few churches of this kind in Europe so stop for a while in front of it and contemplate it standing hand in hand.

Gate of Dawn

Earlier, there were nine city gates but now the Gate of Dawn is the only remaining. It’s gained its popularity among the tourists and pilgrims due to its gold and silver icon of The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother. The Vilnius Madonna, as it’s often referred to, is displayed in the chapel built into the Gate of Dawn. People keep coming to this icon since it is said to have miraculous power.

Uzupis Angel

love-marriage-relationshipUzupis is a district in Vilnius. It has been a popular venue among artists and due to its bohemian atmosphere, it’s often compared to Montmartre in Paris. It’s a picturesque neighborhood, indeed, and it’s worth visiting. There is the statue of Uzupis Angel symbolizing the artistic freedom. The vibes of creativity are in the air here.

The Hill of Three Crosses

Another great place in Vilnius that offers a stunning panoramic view is the Hill of Three Crosses. It’s an old landmark and a popular sightseeing attraction. There is a legend that explains the origin of the crosses. Today, they are viewed as a symbol of Lithuania’s hope.

The Park of Europe

If you come to Vilnius, don’t miss the chance to visit a large open-air art museum situated 19 km away from the city center. It’s a perfect destination for a day trip. Established in 1991 to attract attention to the geographical center of Europe, the park features about 100 sculptures today. Among the exhibits are a giant installation made of more than 3000 old TV sets. It was even included in the Guinness World Records Book. The distinctive feature of the park is that the works of art harmoniously fit into the natural landscape. Every season brings new settings or background for the exhibits. The park has a well-developed infrastructure: you can rent a bicycle, dine at a restaurant, and buy a souvenir.