5 Valentines Day Celebration Ideas


A romantic dinner, a bath with rose petals, and sex for dessert is a familiar scenario for St. Valentine’s Day. This year we suggest that you make your beloved person a pleasant surprise. So, get acquainted with five ideas for St. Valentine’s Day celebration.

Valentine's Day Cups

  1. Valentines Las Vegas

  2. Most men are fond of gambling and fun. It is not necessary that you should lead him to the casino on this romantic day or buy a ticket to Las Vegas. You can arrange a casino at home. Buy a usual game set, consisting of cards, chips, a roulette and dice. The highlight of the evening will be the fact that the chips won can be exchanged for notes with erotic desires

  3. Romantic Night Race

  4. A rare man does not like to drive fast, when the speed and the ability to control the car, to keep the situation in his hands takes his breath away. Rent a fast car that will appeal to your boyfriend (husband) and grant to your beloved an opportunity to drive at night through deserted suburban streets. Firstly, it is romantic, and, secondly, it will give you an adrenaline rush which you can give way to in bed.

  5. Favorite Food

  6. Treat him with something delicious. Recollect what your man likes, but do not rush to prepare all these dishes. You’d better invite him to the kitchen, dressed in an apron, and suggest cooking supper together. You’ll be surprised how funny and interesting it is. In addition, cooking together brings you closer and creates a romantic mood. Then you can taste it all, lying in bed.

  7. Valentines Day Body Massage

  8. Grant him an unforgettable experience. When the night falls over the city, arm yourself with massage oil and organize an erotic body massage for the man. Your warm hands and gentle touches will make him relaxed and give energy for a night of love.

  9. Vine Sampling

  10. If you want something special, go to a wine boutique. When you are there, choose various sorts from different countries (not necessarily the most expensive wine) and arrange a home vine sampling together (just do not drink too much alcohol). Decorate the house with candles and other romantic attributes, including light music. You’ll surely want to continue the celebration in bed.

Source of the image: Photl.