5 Signs of a Relationship Trouble


Are there any clouds on the horizon of the clear sky of your relationship? Do you feel a bad patch is coming on, are you tortured by vague misgivings about how you are getting along with your partner? It may be just a bout of nervousness, but, on the other hand, it may be your intuition whispering to you “be careful.”

Family argument

Well, let’s see if you really have something to worry about. Here are some of the “bad signs” for the future of relationships.

1. Checking up on your partner.

If you feel a strong urge to check your partner’s phone calls or emails, turn out his pockets to see whether he had left something incriminating there, maybe the trust is wearing thin. And it won’t do to believe that you’re behaving just like anyone else, you can be sure that it’s a dead symptom of trouble.

2. Have you got enough snuggling?

Having sex is not a sure-fire sign that the relationship is on the rocks, but touching and snuggling at the merest opportunity – or rather, absence of it – is. From the start you must have been touching and squeezing each other pretty often, and if that dies out, it may mean that he no longer is sexually aroused as it should be. No playful pinches, no cuddling, no going to bed together? Either he is cooling off, or afraid to be rejected?

3. Trifles cause irritation and argument, the presence of other people doesn’t stop it.

Squabbles are all right from time to time, but when you feel that you fight to score a point over him, and doing it in front of your relatives or friends just makes the situation more thrilling, it seems as if you’re moving out of relationship.

4. He doesn’t want you to participate in what he does any more.

Well, you can’t rely on people doing everything together, so it’s natural you should go apart to pursue your favorite activities now and then. But if he has picked up a hobby, you see that he takes it seriously, but never tries to share with you or call you in, it’s a bad sign.

5. Do you plan your future together?

Healthy relationship includes mutual planning of practically everything, from children and home to going places. Even if it’s not very realistic, it’s there. But if your mutual plans fade away somewhere by the next day’s evening, it may spell out that you don’t really feel your relationship is going to last for very long.