5 Reasons Men Fear Marriage


The word “marriage” often horrifies even the strongest and most confident men. What are men afraid of, and what doesn’t let them tie the knot with the woman of their dream?

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1. Men Are Afraid of Losing Their Freedom & Independence
First goes the fear of losing freedom and independence. For a man, it is important to feel self-sufficient and independent. If your beloved notices that you are encroaching on his bachelor lifestyle, think about it: either intoxicating freedom and revels with friends, or your permanent control and his long reports to you.

2. Men Don’t Want to Change Their Mode of Life
Enemy number two is everyday life. Men, like you, have their own principles, habits and ways of housekeeping. So remember, “When in Rome do as the Romans do”.

3. Most Men Hate Their Mother-in-Law
As ridiculous as it may sound, but yes – men are afraid of the future mother-in-laws. Of course, if you do not have to share an apartment with your mother after marriage, there should be no problem. But even in this case do not go too far. Comments like “mother said” will only irritate your beloved. This may also include the advice of your numerous girl friends who always “know better”.

4. Men Fear Responsibilities
Being responsible only for himself and his life, a man can do as he pleases, spend as much money as he chooses, and drive with the speed he thinks is necessary. But feeling a “trailer” –his wife and child – behind, he will not be able to breathe.

5. Men Are Unsure about the Partner
If every woman doubts her choice this or that way, needless to say that men are the same: “Is this the right person?”, “Do I want to live my whole life with her?” and the like. Men are even more sceptical. Having made a mistake, a man will suffer for the rest of his life, so if you see doubt in his eyes, do not push – give him time.