16 Female Problems Men Don’t Understand


Actually, every man has heard about the things we girls have to cope with, often on a daily basis. But for males they are just words, and what lies behind these words remains shrouded in mystery. How can men imagine what amount of trouble and strife goes into being a woman? What they see is the result of sooo much work and care… Well, let’s get down to the inside information. Here’s at least 16 issues that bring worry into women’s lives, and it would be instructive for men to read and see whether they understand them realistically.


Annoying, embarrassing, painful, all of them need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. So, upon reading the list, you men may find that you began to appreciate more the work behind being a good woman?

1. Thread to the face

You take a cotton thread, twist it and get rid of every hair, no matter how short. Long and painstaking work, but it pays in the end.

2. Pubic perfection

Men are all right with their hairy nether parts, but the latest fashion demands that our vaginas should be absolutely stubble-less. Well, it does look better, doesn’t it? Hair just looks out of place there – and far less sexy.

3. When fake tan goes wrong

This one can be a major disaster! A messy sensation all over the skin, stains on the bed sheets and clothing that are impossible to get rid of, and, what’s more, a streaky tan that requires measures taken as soon as possible. LOTS of trouble.

4. A dazzling smile

Go for professional teeth whitening or stick a chemical whitening goop to the teeth? The result will be gratifying, but the teeth get highly sensitive and may hurt at the slightest provocation.

5. Faultless nails

Oh, when the face, the tan and the body look fine, did you really believe it is the end of the road? No, it’s time to get armed with a file and nail polish and get down to keeping your talons shapely and beautiful.

6. Delivery

The ability of giving birth is wonderful and fulfilling, but first you get 9 months of bearing and then about 20 hours of labor, and what it actually means can hardly be explained to the male of the species…

7. Getting the nipples clean

That’s a bit of a problem because the amount of body hair that you eventually see is a mere fifth of what it was meant to be – that will help you assess the amount of cleaning work involved!

8. Stalking is creepy

Walking about the city after dark is much scarier for women – it always seems that someone is following or lurking around. Life is pretty frightening, and you feel you can’t go out alone…

9. Photoshopping your pics to perfection

It’s hardly imaginable that there was a time when you didn’t do anything to your photos. You put up with – or had to put up with – being yourself. And there was some man for every kind of woman. It all came naturally. But no more these days: we have to be finely sculpted, beautiful and generally fit. So, digital retouching is what you can no longer do without – and a lot of it!

10. Acne breakouts

And then you wake up in the morning and see that it is here: the pre-menstrual acne has broken out. And there’s nothing you can do about it. And you know it will happen again and again.

11. Carrying the b*tch tag

Still that sexism going around that when a man is authoritative, it ought to be taken in your stride, but when a woman tries to lay down the law she acquires the moniker of an imposing stupid cow. Doesn’t seem to be very fair, eh?

12. Groping isn’t fun

Women feel to be victims of transport gropers – any time anyone who is impudent enough can try something, so you have to keep the guard up. What a drag, really.

13. Keeping up with the trend

What about the need to look after a certain well-defined fashion? On the one hand it is a bore, on the other we are sooner pro than con. Anyhow, all this puts a great pressure on the wallet, apart from the bother it takes.

14. Lower salaries

Now gender pay gap is a real put-down! The latest statistics reveal that women’s salaries run to a sum lower than men’s ones by more than $ 8,000 on the average. Remarkable, isn’t it? So, no matter how hard we go at it, we will be underpaid anyway – nice to know!

15. Living under spiraling hormones

Yes, we’re living with all these changes ever occurring inside ourselves, having to shift noiselessly from one emotion to another without any warning. Moreover, there’s no-one around to understand and sympathize with that. Why won’t you do that, chaps?

16. Periods, periods

It has been all right just a few minutes ago, and then it’s upon us – the next period. It descends on us at any moment, very often at an inconvenient moment – at work, in company, at a public place. Lucky are those who have no complications and whose periods are on the milder side…