15 Dating Tips


We continue the list of interesting facts about dating and relationships. What date is the right one to have sex? Should you reunite with your ex-partners? What are men afraid of? You will find the most interesting facts about dating and relationships here: statistics, surveillance, research.

Couple in love

  1. Experts in dating still argue how long the break after the first date should be. Most of them reached the conclusion that it would be best to remind about yourself and make a phone call after two to four days, but no later than the fourth or fifth day. A very fast call can reveal your despair.
  2. A selection of an interesting place for the first date increases the chances of mutual sympathy. The worst place for a date is a fast food restaurant, your friend’s birthday, your parents’ house, strip clubs, and the parties where you can meet your former passion.
  3. The experts believe that if a woman does not answer the phone call more than twice, she is not interested in any further dialogue. Well, if she is interested, she will call back when she sees a missed call.
  4. If a woman suggests paying the bill in a restaurant, she most probably does not think your meeting to be a date.
  5. Eye contact is one of the most powerful tools for attracting potential boyfriends.
  6. Statistics show that the resumption of the relationship with the former partner will lead nowhere. However, there are extenuating circumstances. For example, the cause of the break could be the relocation of one of the partners or a tragedy in the family of one of the partners, experienced during the separation.
  7. Men are ready to fall in love with a woman on the third date, while women do not fall in love until the 14th date.
  8. 50% of the couples kiss on the second date.
  9. According to the survey conducted by AOL, 40% of women consider it normal to have sex a month or three months after meeting for the first time, and 35% of men are ready for sex after the third date. On average, couples have sex after the fifth date.
  10. 29% of Americans have had sex after the first date.
  11. A man feels inconvenient when having a conversation with two women at the same time. He fears that the lady he finds less attractive will feel abandoned. Therefore, looking for a gentleman, take two friends instead of one with you, so that they could communicate with each other while you are chatting with the man.
  12. An Italian restaurant is the most popular place for the first date.
  13. More than 50% of the Europeans have not been on a date during the past two years.
  14. Getting acquainted with a girl, a man is most afraid that she will stand between him and his friends and will make him henpecked, which means that he will lose the respect of his friends.
  15. Four most common penalties for the first date are being late, talking too much about yourself, telling a lot of stories about ex-partners and being excessively active.