13 Bitter Cheating Stories


Cheating is the one thing that really gets your goat. You may have been suspecting for a while that your partner was cheating on you – still when you stumble onto the final proof it hits hard. The discovery seems to always come out of the blue, winding you and taxing your emotional balance to the utmost.


The impact is often the same, but the sources tend to differ widely. This sad list comprises 13 of the most dramatic real-life recent stories how people get wise to infidelity. This is how it happens when you least expect it.

The mistress spills the beans

The first woman got it straight from the horse’s mouth – as she and her man were attending the wedding of a friend, she was told about it by the mistress to her face. She managed to keep her cool out of deference to the friend’s happy event.

An unexpectedly high phone bill

The man was surprised to see that the phone bill had run up to three times the usual total. There were numerous calls to the same number. It turned out that it had been a ploy on part of the woman to give her partner an inkling that she was cheating on him because she didn’t have the guts to tell it straight. She was having an affair with a colleague and could have used the company phone any time with no-one the wiser.

Facebook gave the cheating girl away

As Facebook kept suggesting potential friends to a man, he noticed that one of them looked like his then-girlfriend. Curious, he clicked to see, and eventually found out that she had several Facebook profiles under different names, with an ongoing lively relationship on each profile.

The worst moment for breaking news of infidelity

The couple was moving to another place quite far from their old home. The woman had quit her job, received the certification allowing her to work in another state; they had given up their apartment. There was a packed U-Haul with the woman’s father at the wheel, she was driving a car with her child, a dog, a cat and two mice. Her partner had moved before and, when they drove 600 miles, told her their relationship was off. She turned back at once and, heartbroken, returned to where she had to rebuild her life anew with huge debts piled up.

Driven from home

The woman, never the one to beat about the bush, informed her partner that her ex was coming on a visit and he will have to stay away for three days while the ex will be staying with her.

Walking in on her S.O.

The woman offered her partner an open relationship, but he said he would not be able to cope with it. Then she comes home earlier than expected and sees him making love to another woman. Ironic as well as hurtful.

The dangers of texting

The couple were going to get married soon; then one day as the man was leaving for work his fiancée asked his permission to use his laptop. The man also owned an iPhone and used the iMessage service with all his messages coming to his laptop as well. So it came about that sitting at the laptop the woman saw a popping message from her would-be husband’s ex. It came as no surprise since she knew he was exchanging messages with his ex who had got married since they parted. He kept telling his fiancée they were just friends, and she believed him, but that message read odd, and she got interested enough to open all messages. There was a long string of sex messages that had been going on for hours, including that very morning when she was sleeping next to him before his leaving for work. She walked out as soon as she finished reading through the messages.

News before an international flight

As the couple were about to fly from London to Las Vegas, the girl said to her boyfriend she wanted to show him something for the journey on her phone. There were text messages on the screen telling a man they both knew that she was going to miss him and how much she would have liked to stay behind with him. The door of the plane closed leaving them to thrash it out for the length of the flight.

Why use Tinder?

As the man was doing something to his girlfriend’s computer with her around, his phone buzzed, and she picked it up only to see that it was a notification about an update from Tinder.

Cheating with the boss

The woman went to her company party leaving her partner to look after their five-year-old son. He was hoping she would be coming back quite early, but she told him she may get sloshed and didn’t want to drive back, so she may shack up at a hotel. The man woke up suddenly in the middle of the night misgiving-preyed – something that he had never experienced before. He felt he wanted to locate her by her phone – and discovered that she was in her boss’s apartment.

Notification by anonymous letter

There was an anonymous letter in the mail sent from an unfamiliar college containing the complete text of messages the woman’s husband had been exchanging with his lover. Who could have sent it but the lover or her offended husband? Were they aware that the wife was seven months into pregnancy?

Don’t do PDA in front of the insurance agent

While the man was on a deployment, his then-wife and a friend had a few drinks and then crashed his car. An e-mail from the insurance agent (who was the husband’s college friend and was present at his wedding) included the information that both of them were acting as if they were very close in a bar on the same day.

Instant messaging facility

The woman received an AIM message from her boyfriend’s lover telling her that she had given him the brush-off. On learning that, the woman texted the boyfriend asking him how he was taking it. As she received the expected query what he was supposed to be taking, she replied that he had just been ditched by two girls at once and she was just wondering how he felt about it. It was their last communication.