10 Ways of Scaring a Man Away


It’s been years and centuries that the war for equality raged on between the male and the female of the species, and in the end women won hands over. They fought their way into all the strata of the society, and now can be whatever they want: leaders of movements, top managers of international corporations, up to presidents and prime ministers. Have the women of the past who led the struggle ever thought that one day some women will get to become so formidable as to make men wary of them? While men are happy (or should be) that women can realize all they dream of, there are factors that make the men think twice about approaching a woman who, as they suspect, is far superior to them in certain aspects.


So, as women are chasing their aspirations, some of them may purposefully strive to outdo men in the professional sphere, while others just want to become as successful as possible, and it never enters their heads that the achievements of which they are so proud can be regarded as overwhelming and intimidating.

There’s no denying that women have a right to gain success, but they ought to be aware that a very conspicuous success has strings attached. Presumably whatever heights a woman has reached, she still wants the men around her to feel at ease and not be put off by something she pays little attention to. This article lists some things that can scare off some men.

A schedule that is too tight

A woman who is set on earning good money (whether by ruling her own company or by climbing the career ladder) in addition earns respect and admiration from men. But if she happens to be so hell bent on her work that her man feels pushed aside and neglected, this is a sorry state of things. Somehow it took root in our minds that a man can stay out working till ungodly hours, many women live with that on a customary basis, but when the tables get turned and the woman is always out of home working away, the man can find it unbearable. If the couple mean to maintain a healthy relationship, they should try and arrange their schedules so that they allow them to spend enough quality time with one another.


It goes without saying that a woman is bound to possess a level of confidence, but if she displays too much of it, she grows formidable in the eyes of men and other women alike. There are men who will definitely understand that as a red signal giving the woman away as aggressive and overbearing – which is not what they expect of a relationship. She doesn’t have to actually confront or challenge somebody, yet the high level of assertiveness leads men to believe that she will always have her own way, notwithstanding. A man wouldn’t like to find himself an underdog, so overconfident ladies, mind you play down your attitude to avoid clearing the area around you of decent guys.


We have good reasons to try and develop perfectionist qualities: they help us lead a clean, organized life, be orderly in the workplace. But it doesn’t mean we must employ them in every aspect of our lives – especially in relationships. Perfectionism-minded ladies are apt to cherish expectations that can be too high, think out so much that it makes life an endless way of strife and achievement. It’s great that you take care to stay in shape, but if you get too pressing about doing sport and keeping fit, your man begins to feel duty-bound. Men are mostly far from perfect, and the insistence on getting perfecter every day unnerves them.

An authoritative or assertive profession

There are certain kinds of profession that take away man’s confidence. Women who work in the army, in the police, who occupy high positions in business circles, and are used to dealing with men in their professional capacity, are often regarded as fearsome and authoritative, to be treated warily. On the other hand, those who are into exotic dancing or engaged in something that involves taking off clothes, will hardly stimulate men into a serious relationship. A psychiatrist and a lawyer are other professions that can scare some males off due to strong analytical and manipulative abilities. It works the stronger if a man feels insecure in his job. Happily, that doesn’t go for all men!

Super elegance

Elegance is an inherent quality of a woman, a sort of a visiting card, drawing men’s eyes to her and making them remember her for a long time. Yet a kind of flawless polished elegance is known to keep a number of men at distance. A lady sporting designer clothes, displaying a unique style, using a certain argot, and demonstrating fastidious manners can put quite a lot of men off. Sure, guys will be attracted to her, but they will be doubtful whether they are able to reach up to her and not lose face in the process. One automatically expects to see an equally elegant man at her side – and how many guys are ready to take the role at a moment’s notice?

Super intelligence

The benefits of having an intelligent woman are many: she is capable of understanding, solving relationship issues, making life more exciting altogether. But the more intelligent the woman is (or makes herself out to be), the more likely she is to drive away guys who don’t feel up to her level. It is extremely exacerbating when you know beforehand that her ideas and decisions will be way better than yours, other people take what she says very seriously and ask for her advice. It seems undisputable that when it comes to the gray matter she is the boss. It is not saying that men prefer women with inferior intelligence; on the other hand, nobody likes to look stupider than he is.

High profile friends

Our friends can often shape our lives and define our social status better than anyone else. A woman can keep such a company that her man would surely feel intimidated to rub shoulders with her friends. Even if the woman herself is not wealthy and famous but hobnobs with top brass, celebrities and public figures, her man gets overshadowed with fear that he may be told off eventually as one who doesn’t fit in. There is a distinct possibility that her circle influences her opinions and attitudes even if her friends abstain from commenting on her partner. Anyway, one can’t get away from the belief that if one’s partner’s friends don’t accept one, the relationship is bound to hit the rocks sooner or later.

Super looks

It is widely believed that all women are beautiful after their own fashion. Whether you are ready to endorse it or not, it is beyond doubt that some females are strikingly beautiful with a kind of beauty that singles them out and places them on a pedestal. True, it is every man’s dream to have a gorgeous woman on his arm, yet, when it comes to that, some men are apt to lose confidence. The realization of having to reach up to the breathtaking level of the woman you are dating can tear a guy into pieces. He begins to brood about how many men admire her, that she always has other men to compare him to, one of these days she may meet someone who is much smarter than he, and it will go on and on in his head endlessly…

Prestigious education

Women with an excellent education under their belts can be easily considered formidable – after all, they have diplomas and certificates proclaiming their superior position! No matter what they majored in, one somehow expects a woman with a doctorate to socialize with men similarly honored. Although it’s not unheard of that an academically qualified girl gets fond of a man who is way beneath her education-wise, chances run high that at one time or another his self-esteem is going to suffer. The man may try to live it down, but having a woman who enjoys superior respect due to being highly qualified can be wearing at times.


Rich women – whether they think about it or not – often loom intimidating to the opposite sex. When in serious relationship, money can’t but play a significant part in the life together, and the man may find it humiliating to know that he can earn what his woman only sees as a ridiculous sum. Men would rather be main breadwinners, it helps them feel important and powerful, so it will take a lot of getting used to living with a well-off woman – it may kill the romance. Owing a less posh car and leading a more modest routine life can make the man live with a permanent feeling of chafing inside.