10 Ways to Make a Man Love You


How can you win the heart of the man you love, make him fall in love with you and have a long relationship for many months or even years? This question is raised by many women. We suggest trying 10 ways to do it.

Happy couple

1. Be admired by his friends

If your beloved man hears how his friends admire you, you will become significantly more important in his eyes. This means that you are a valuable prize that may belong to him alone.

2. Disappear from his view for a few days

Just disappear for a couple of days without telling him about your plans. When a woman is always near, one stops noticing her – because she never disappears. Play a cat-and-mouse game with him; men love intriguing affairs. He will be tormented by the question where you have been and who you have spent time with. Next time he might want to accompany you.

3. Do not interfere with his personal life and do not violate his freedom

Do not look over his shoulder each time he reads a text message, do not bother asking questions about where and with whom he has spent the weekend, and never try to trace him. Following your lover and always “hanging out” in the same bar, you become obsessive. Sooner or later, it will start to annoy him, and he will avoid you.

4. Welcome changes

Do not be an open book. Change your style, hair, makeup, find new interests and hobbies. It will be twice more useful: first, it will expand your outlook, and secondly, it will present you as a multi-faceted personality. Just do not try too hard; otherwise he may decide that you’re just windy and frivolous.

5. Raise his self-esteem

Men are not as self-confident as they seem to be. Especially when it comes to women. Communicating with you, he needs to feel as if he were the smartest, sexiest and the most important person on earth. Praise his jokes, knowledge and actions, but do not focus on the appearance. Another important thing is to raise his self-esteem, without forgetting about your own dignity – you should not feel neglected because of that.

6. Give positive emotions

Men are attracted to cheerful and carefree women. Even if you are running through a difficult time, do not show it to the beloved man. Make jokes and laugh, encourage him, and try to be in a good mood. He will appreciate communicating with you.

7. Do not complain about life

Sooner or later, your endless complaints about the bad boss, your low salary or a broken tap will start to tire him, and he will avoid communicating with you. He also has a lot of problems, so do not overload him with your own ones.

8. Draw attention

If you have common friends, try to look perfect in their company, attract attention, make a couple of witty jokes, and be aware of the latest political and cultural events in order to be able to keep the conversation going. Having managed to draw the friends’ attention, you will certainly appeal to the one, whom you try so hard to impress.

9. Emphasize your intelligence

Talk to him about the books you have read and the movies you have watched, discuss events and changes. Let him know that you are not only beautiful, but also intelligent. He needs to feel you are an interesting interlocutor.

10. Use makeup for him to see

Men like to watch a woman applying lipstick and powder or using eyeliner. They consider such women to be weak, vulnerable and incredibly sexy.